It is completely normal for it to be updated when talking about its collectible cards, and a clear example of this is the new line that is already on pre-sale. Speaking of pre-sales, Amazon Mexico has one for those die-hard fans of this card game, as now you can set aside the impressive Pokémon Trading Card Game Classicand its price will be 7,899 pesos.

What makes this box so special? Well, this edition is designed for the biggest fans of the series who enjoy having confrontations between friends or competitively, since within it it includes a folding game board for two players in which you can place your assets, in bench, decks, discard pile and access a box of usable tools within it.

On the other hand, you will receive three decks of 60 cards each, highlighting the spectacular classic Venusaur, Charizard and Blastoise cards, and the unreleased Ho-Oh ex and Lugia ex. Additionally, you will receive a toolbox to store damage counters, two conditional markers, and metal spheres for in-game use.

We have to point out that you do not need to spend a single peso to pre-salesince Amazon will make the payment once its launch date approaches, which will be November 17. Additionally, you can pay for up to 6 months interest-free with participating credit cards.

Finally, shipping is free for all users, and if you have Amazon Prime you will receive your order on the day it leaves depending on your delivery point. In the event that there is a discount, the platform will respect the lower cost thanks to the pre-sale price guarantee.

Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic

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