As you may know, for several months AMLO began broadcasting his morning communications on his YouTube channel where he talks about the various topics, plans and projects that lie ahead for the country. This fact caused the internet world to take a turn by adding him to the list. of the most viewed Hispanic streamers in the world.

Mexico is a country with approximately 126 million people, which means that there is a large market for various audiences and the world of streaming is no exception. AMLO’s government conferences are usually a meeting point for those who want to be informed. of the government plans, breaking news internationally, however, the news about its broadcast on YouTube has reached a level where currently has the largest Hispanic audience in the world,according to the Stream Charts report.

Amlo is the most famous streamer in Spanish. The President of Mexico surpasses Illojuan Spreen and Xokas to such an extent that he brags about it on social networks2

The president of Mexico wanted to boast that it is the most viewed Hispanic broadcast in the world today.

This is what AMLO himself reports on his He named the other streamers such as Illojuan, ElXokas and Spreen as his adversariesalso took advantage of the moment to announce a WhatsApp group for his followers.

Incredibly, many streamers took advantage of this moment to congratulate him, as was the case with Xokas and Quackity, likewise, Ibai posted a tweet where he told AMLO that at this point he will ask the president of Mexico for advice on how to be a better streamer. Although the majority of the community took it as a joke, many continue with the debate about whether AMLO should be considered in this type of statistics, since a president will clearly start with a much greater exposure advantage.

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