Among Water is a relaxing game for Android that mixes fishing and kittens: ideal for “disconnecting” the brain


Among Water is a relaxing game for Android that mixes fishing and kittens: ideal for “disconnecting” the brain

There is no doubt that the games They have earned a place in the limited memory of our Android smartphones. In addition to a great variety, there is something for all tastes: to play offline, with local or remote multiplayer, or simply to play with one hand.

In one of our journeys through the most unexpected corners of the Internet, we have come across a fairly young title, but one that already has plenty of arguments to make us have a good time. By the way, it will help us relax and there is nothing better than fishing quietly in Among Water.

A simple, but addictive and above all relaxing gameplay

Among Water enters directly into the eyes, with a very pleasant aesthetic section. We have minimalist graphics, but what is really addictive is its gameplay: simple but effective. In this independent game, our main objective is to catch, if possible, as many fish as possible, because yes, we are an adorable kitty.

Among Water is a relaxing game for Android that mixes fishing and kittens: ideal for “disconnecting” the brain - 1

As we say, Among Water is simple, similar to other mobile games. The main screen The game shows our boat calmly sailing through an infinite sea, while under the water, dozens of fish that we must catch pass without interruption.

How do we do it? Well, in the most obvious and direct way possible: using our fingers. The touch controls will show a trace where we touch the screen, and it will be essential to capture as many as we can, as they are the main ingredient of the game.

Although the premise may seem too simple, quite attractive variations are added, such as a improvement system for our boat, which will allow us to catch more fish with additions such as nets. In addition, we can add other types of equipment, such as solar panels that will improve its performance.

Once we get the necessary resources, and we have installed the improvements to our ship, we can embark on the journey to the next scenario, making use of the map which we find on the left side of the screen. Our character is also customizable, being able to dress the kitten with different clothes, and even changing its general appearance.

Throughout our adventure, some random events which will provide us with more sources of coins and other valuable objects, with which to buy new improvements or increase the level of existing ones. Although the game is in development, it meets expectations with content for quite some time, and as we said at the beginning, it is useful as a relaxation method.

The truth is that spending time watching our boat sail the seas and fishing is an ideal activity for moments of stress. The developers themselves know this, focusing the title on this idea, and adding a breathing mode to keep calm.

Among Water is gratuitous, and we will be able to move forward without spending a euro. Of course, it will try to convince us from time to time with some microtransactions that will speed up progress, but they do not seem necessary. You can download it from Google Play to start your journey as a cat captain, something you probably won’t regret.

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