Today, many know the name of MachineGames for his good work in the most recent installments of the Wolfenstein saga. Therefore, we are not surprised to know that the community has very high expectations regarding the new Indiana Jones game, whose creation is carried out by this development team with the collaboration of Bethesda as distributors of the delivery. However, the group did not begin its adventures in the industry with Wolfenstein: The New Order, as its members already left us impressed with adventures prior to the founding of the studio. And the fantastic The Darkness is a great example of this.

Now, what do The Darkness and MachineGames have in common? This PS3 and Xbox 360 shooter title was originally developed by the team at Starbreeze Studios back in 2007. However, seven of the most important members of the company, including its founder, decided to leave to build a brand new studio which, years later, would delight us with new installments of Wolfenstein. Therefore, professionals had a big involvement in The Darknessand this is seen in a combination of brutal action and original setting that soon left its mark on the players’ memories.

A story of gunshots and dark entities

The Darkness combines traditional shooter mechanics with fantastical and bloody abilities.

The game follows the story of Jackie Estacado, a hitman who is betrayed when his “uncle” begins to imagine a scenario in which his position as Don in the mafia is taken away from him. This causes several members of the band to try to end Jackie’s life on the night of his 21st birthday; moment in which also a dark entity manifests, known as The Darkness, which is depicted as two snakes capable of tearing and devouring any enemy of its host. And not exactly in a delicate way.

Jackie decides to respond to this assassination attempt with a bloody revenge, which gives rise to a shooter-style game experience in which there is no shortage of pistols, shotguns, rifles and any weapon that is lethal to the protagonist’s new enemies. In this way, The Darkness places the user in a scenario of bullets and shooting that is not different from many other installments of the genre, but this is only part of what defines the great title from Starbreeze Studios.

Because, as you can imagine when you see any promotional image of the installment, the dark entity that accompanies Jackie is also established as a good option to finish off opponents. The dark snakes, always located on the protagonist’s back, react negatively to lighting, forcing the player to shoot out light bulbs, street lamps, and any other lighting source. After that, The Darkness can unleash all its powerand in this way, carry out movements never seen before.

The Darkness 2

Source: The Darkness Wiki.

A positive reception, followed by an eternal legacy

Starbreeze Studios walked away from The Darkness 2 and left its development to another company.

This gives rise to numerous scenes in which The Darkness tears enemies to pieces, tears out hearts or splits bodies in half. In turn, these maneuvers are complemented with abilities such as the summoning of minions willing to fight any rival, various bonuses for Jackie’s pistols and even the creation of a black hole that absorbs any poor creature that is in its vicinity. . And what is the result of this combination of mechanics? Well, in addition to a spectacular and entertaining adventure, the characteristics of the game also led to a pretty positive review by the community.

The game is obviously not perfect; The press brought out some aspects of the experience that could be improved, but nothing overshadowed the fact that we were facing a work as violent as it is good. Therefore, fans were excited to learn that Jackie and her dark companions were returning in The Darkness 2, although this time Starbreeze Studios stepped aside to leave development to the team at Digital Extremes. The result of this change was observed with varied reactions from the players; Some applauded the new features implemented in the general setting of the installment, but there were those who criticized the lack of distinctive elements from the first game. Be that as it may, The Darkness marked many fans of the shooter genre, so the community had good reasons to follow closely in the footsteps of MachineGames due to the relationship of its founders with Starbreeze Studios.

Because yes, after impressing us with Jackie Estacado’s adventure, the team continued making history in the video game sector, taking advantage of their experience and good work in shooters to give us the new Wolfenstein. We still don’t have details about what we can expect from the new Indiana Jones game, but, taking into account the developer’s history (both in its current stage and during its time at Starbreeze Studios), we have plenty of reasons to dream big.

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