The Xbox conference at Tokyo Game Show 2023 had several surprises, but perhaps the most peculiar of all was Suda51’s new game, which we had already seen in 2019, but after that revelation it was buried without any type of news. Now not only have we seen it in action, but we can also mark the release window for it on the calendar.

The game in question is called , and as its name indicates, it will be set in the famous real-life location while we walk through its corridors and levels bathed in all the madness of Suda51: It will be a 2.5D action game with bloody combat that parodies the movies .

The graphical style immediately gives away the involvement of Suda51 (he works in conjunction with Swery65, the creator of , however, what is worth mentioning is the original game mechanics: through a temporary, we will be able to interact with our versions of the past within the adventureand we will receive help from ourselves when overcoming the many challenges within .

Hotel Barcelona is the perfect combination of two brilliant minds

Swery65 shared a few words about this curious project in a recent interview:

“This game is a collaboration between two creators, Goichi Suda and I. Although it may look out of the ordinary, we have created a challenging and fun action game together. The title is being developed by White Owls with the team that worked on The Missing, and we are proud to present it to you. Hopefully you will be eager to play it.”

Suda51 Tokyo Game Show 2023 2

Hotel Barcelona will feature many epic boss fights

If you like Suda51’s strange experiments like and , then you should definitely follow the development of , which we will play at some point in 2024 on Xbox Series X/Swith no other platforms currently confirmed.

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