One of the most important Japanese video game companies was not going to miss the opportunity to present its new products at the most important video game event in its country. We refer toCapcomwhich had a showcase within the framework of Tokyo Game Show 2023 to talk about what we can expect soon from their games.

In summary, was the star of the show with an in-depth look at what we can expect from this action RPG. We also saw a preview of the , the new games like and , as well as a look at what awaits us in the newly released Niantic and Capcom.

details its classes, worlds and gameplay

The director presented about 10 minutes of RPG gameplay in which The functioning of the ‘pawns’ that accompany the promoted ones was explained and showed the two nations that we are going to explore in the game.

This is how the game is described in the newly released statement:

is a narrative action RPG that puts you in the shoes of the Ascended, in a fantastic and immersive world. You’ll lead a party of up to three AI-controlled companions known as Pawns, including your custom Primary Pawn, and up to two additional ones that you can recruit from other players or via custom. Before embarking on each mission of your journey, it’s essential that you organize your party. and ensure that each member is able to take advantage of the others’ strengths and mitigate each other’s weaknesses by tactically selecting their classes. When players begin their journey in, they will be able to choose the style of play they want from among the four classes initially available: Fighter, Archer, Thief and Mage. Users will be able to change the class of their Ascended and main Pawn at any time by visiting Class Guilds around the world and unlock new classes as they progress through the game.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy arrives on January 25 on multiple platforms

If crime scenes and legal duels from the Ace Attorney series are your thing, you’ll be happy to know that the trilogy It will arrive with HD resolution, fluid animations and 16:9 aspect for the entire collection. It will also have some extras such as an animation studio, an orchestra room with more than 175 tracks and an art gallery with more than 400 illustrations.

It will be sold at a price of 49.99 dollars / 990 MXNfor which you will get the following games:

    New content for Exoprimal

    The second update will bring a colaboration with including skins inspired by Ryu (Deadeye), Guile (Zephyr), and Chun-Li (Vigilant). A new cooperative mission will also be integrated, as well as new equipment that will be waiting for you in the hangar. There will be a new map and seasonal events as well.

    Monster Hunter Now shows its Augmented Reality functions

    The new game from the creators of Pokémon GO adapts the Monster Hunter universe to a mobile title with geolocation and has just been launched on the market. Capcom took the opportunity to show off the game’s AR features and, incidentally, presented the 20th anniversary logo of one of its most successful franchises.

    AKI comes to Street Fighter 6

    On September 27, a new character will debut in . AKI is FANG’s apprentice and will take advantage of his poisonous projectiles and claw attacks to kill anyone who stands in front of him..

    Xbox announces 5 new games coming to Game Pass, and they are powerful. The Ace Attorney trilogy and the next two Yakuza Like a Dragon are dated

    Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy has never been so cheap and now we can play it in Spanish thanks to the fans

    The ace up Xbox’s sleeve for Gamescom 2023 is STALKER 2. Some take its presence as a breath of fresh air for a truncated development

    NVIDIA has an ace up its sleeve, and has just given it a date and time. The green team calls us to present their RTX 4000 Super

    One Piece: fans discover who will be the actor who will give life to the flesh and blood version of Ace, Luffy’s older brother, in the live-action…

    Meta has an ace up its sleeve to win the AI ​​game: put its own assistant on WhatsApp, Instagram and more

    One Piece: this is the strongest swordsman in the series and it is not Mihawk, Eiichiro Oda has an ace up his sleeve

    Google Maps has an ace up its sleeve that Waze has failed to imitate: future traffic status

    Netflix’s One Piece begins to move forward for its second season: the first rumors appear about the actor who will play Portgas D. Ace

    China has an ace up its sleeve. Before the new US sanction takes effect, they will accelerate the delivery of advanced chip equipment

    The founder of WeWork has an ace up his sleeve after bankruptcy: he is still a billionaire

    This is how Ace Stream works, everything that this controversial application implies to watch free TV channels

    With a score of 4.8 stars, this Bluetooth speaker is the best rated by Amazon users

    I didn’t want to, but I’ve gotten into a new collecting scene that I can’t get out of. Now I only buy replica Star Wars helmets

    DNA of parental care

    These are the settings that will improve the image quality of your family’s Smart TV when you visit them at Christmas

    Immune cells help the heart beat

    Gemini Nano is going to be a revolution and it is what I want Siri to be in iOS 18

    Strawberries against cancer

    This edition of Party & Co is a wonderful way to review Disney’s career in film and it has never been so cheap

    Wax moth eats polyethylene

    Perfect for iPhone, Samsung and Xiaomi, among other smartphones, this is the best-selling portable battery on Amazon

    Sea urchins shoot poisonous “claws”

    Ancient Greenlanders sewed up leaky socks

    Artificial womb saves premature babies

    When size matters

    My great obsession with GOTY 2021 is not its action or the story, but rather an absurd tin toy that from what I see has caught many more. It Takes Two

    The immune system ambushes cancer cells

    This is the highest-rated stream camera on Amazon: it has a score of 4.6 stars and a large number of reviews

    How the brain understands other people’s emotions

    Six best offers in Advance your Christmas from MediaMarkt: discounts on smart TVs, consoles and much more

    The Ice Man was killed not by people, but by cold

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