Do you remember these particular ‘slimes’? They took us by surprise 15 years ago and now they return with a totally unexpected sequel. World of Goo 2


Do you remember these particular ‘slimes’?  They took us by surprise 15 years ago and now they return with a totally unexpected sequel.  World of Goo 2

If you are one of those who enjoyed any experimental game back in the Wii era, it is very likely that you remember the particular puzzles of World of Goo. The duo of Tomorrow Corporation and 2D Boy surprised the entire world with some black slimes that they were capable of joining together to form structures of all kinds; skill on which this entire puzzle experience was based. Now, 15 years after building bridges, towers and structures that miraculously remained standing, these strange drops with eyes return to the fray with a totally unexpected sequel.

We learned about the existence of World of Goo 2 during The Game Awards 2023; gala that has served to show a brief trailer of what awaits us in a still undetermined date of 2024. In short, 2D Boy will continue in its line of offering challenges where the management of ‘goo’ and the ability to build varied structures are key to advancing throughout its multiple levels.

“We’ve been quietly returning to World of Goo. What has changed in 15 years? What new gameplay possibilities will we discover? What wonderful new creatures, characters, and ancient monuments will we meet? We’re still in full development, but we’re excited to share with you a trailer with some of the things we have been building,” the creators explain on the official Tomorrow Corporation website. “Original World of Goo developer 2D Boy has teamed up with Tomorrow Corporation to build the biggest game we’ve ever made“.

What did we think of the first World of Goo?

Although it’s been a while since its initial release on Wii, the first installment of 2D Boy is still a perfect work for puzzle lovers. In fact, the game has also received a mobile version and a Nintendo Switch port, which has given the creators the opportunity to expand their great proposal. If you want to know more about his experience between ‘goo’ and really complex phases, we recommend reading our analysis of World of Goo.

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