Every fan knows that anime and manga usually have many differences; Master Roshi fought Jiren in the pages of Toyotaro, when we never saw this on television. Well, the same thing just happened, and this time it’s worth paying attention, because Pan underwent an important change that will set a new course within history.

If you’ve seen and watched the movie, then you’ve been keeping up with Pan’s progress as a fighter, and just like Goten and Trunks, the daughter of Gohan turned out to be quite a prodigy from an early age, learning to fly without any training.

Pan has two versions in Dragon Ball Super

We saw this better explained in the movie: Pan trained with Piccolo, and at a crucial moment in the story, the girl learned to fly (although she does not completely master the technique). This is precisely the change that Pan underwent in the manga: can’t fly yetat least not in the key moment that marked its animated counterpart.

Dragon Ball Super Pan Gohan 2

This never happened in the movie.

What does this mean? Both Toriyama and Toyotaro are the only ones with the answer, but we can assume that They already have another scenario planned for Pan to discover the technique of flying through the skiessomething that regardless of the outcome, will be completely different from what the anime and movies showed us, and we will have to wait for the conclusion of the manga arc to know the direction this new story will take.

It may seem tiny, but eliminating a crucial scene is extremely important, as it marks a before and after that we never saw in the anime, and from there the change could grow more and more. We’re already getting ahead of ourselves, but it’s worth knowing that The manga had its first drastic change compared to the anime, and it surely won’t be the last..

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