If you have not yet been able to enjoy GTA V since you do not have any of these platforms that we just mentioned, today (like Rockstar) you are in luck. At Epic Games you can get the premium edition of this hit so you can play on your PC or gaming laptop whenever you want at an irresistible price. If before it cost 29.99 euros, now we have it reduced to 14.99 euros.

That is, on the occasion of its tenth anniversary, we can get GTA V on sale at half price for only 15 euros. We will have this promotion available starting today until next September 28 at 5:00 p.m. Grand Thet Auto V is, as we say, one of the best titles you can find today, despite having been on the market for ten years.

In this open world adventure, we will control the three protagonists of this story: Franklin, Trevor and Michael, each with their separate lives, although united by a common past and future. We will be able to handle a large number of vehicles and weapons of all kinds while we carry out the main missions, we embark on our own adventure investigating this attractive open world, or we connect with other players through its remarkable On-Line mode. An authentic work of art that we can acquire for only 15 euros taking advantage of the celebration of its tenth anniversary.

Remember that if you are not yet an Amazon Prime member, you can subscribe to the service through 30 day free trial.

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