A week ago, “Wonderlust”, Apple’s September event, was held, in which the company presented the new iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. These last two They will be the first Apple smartphones with titanium frameswhich is lighter and more resistant.

According to official Apple data, iPhone 15 Pro is 19 grams lighter than iPhone 14 Pro. It is not a tremendous difference, and yet most journalists who have tested the new models agree that they seem lighter. It’s curious, but physics has the answer to this curiosity. You have to pay attention to the angular mass.

It feels less heavy than it weighs

Angular mass is the amount of force necessary to rotate an object about any of its three axes. The greater the inclination of the weight toward the center of an object, the less force will be needed to make it rotate. On the contrary, the more weight is on the edges of the object, the greater the force needed to make it rotate.

The weight of the iPhone frames is on the outside. If we reduce the weight of the frame by replacing stainless steel with titanium, the force needed to rotate it is reduced, although the actual mass reduction is not that important. Dr. Drang explains that:

The ability to manipulate a phone is based primarily on its mass, but also on its moment of inertia. And since the mass reduction when going from stainless steel to titanium occurs almost entirely around the perimeter of the phone, the moment of inertia should be reduced more than if the mass were reduced uniformly.

It is a very interesting phenomenon, of course. After some calculations we see that The real impact that this reduction has had is 14 or 15 percent, which is something that is much more noticeable and appreciated. The best thing is that there is nothing left to hold them in our hands and perceive that difference for ourselves.

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