Many stories related to the world of PC Gaming are marked by how bizarre they are. Thus, in recent days we have delved into typical internet scams and, at the same time, other types of situations marked by excessive accumulation of dust on the PC. However, all of these are far from what a couple experienced who, as they themselves pointed out on Reddit, lived a Domino effect inside your PC following a problem with a small heat sink.

To get into the matter, a heat sink is an element that is placed on parts such as the CPU to guarantee optimal temperature inside the equipment. In this way, they guarantee that the different pieces do not suffer from excess heat and, in the end, deteriorate as a result of this. For this reason, it is currently a practically indispensable element of any Gaming PC, since the demands of current parts go hand in hand with a considerable increase in performance and, therefore, temperature. But, as expected, the victims never considered that a heat sink was going to be the source of all their problems.

Blue screens and system crashes due to a faulty heatsink

As they point out in the original Reddit post, it all started when his girlfriend’s Gaming PC started experiencing errors like blue screens and system crashes. At first, both believed that the problem was in the RAM memory, which is why they removed it to check what could be wrong. And as they did so, they found that the heat sink had crashed. slipped and had managed to remove the RAM from its slot on the motherboard, a complete domino effect whose direct consequence was the inability to use the PC.

The solution, as those affected relate, was completely remove the heatsink. However, they indicate that this is a dangerous maneuver, since if executed poorly the RAM memory chips could be torn off, damaging the module and rendering it unusable. After removing the heatsink, the owner of the Gaming PC chose to buy a new RAM memory DDR4 32 GB, an option with which your computer took a leap in quality. In this way, they put an end to the problems with the heat sink, but unfortunately for them they learned the consequences of what happens when a piece slides inside their PC.

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