Very little consensus has been reached with Starfield. The only halfway reasonable meeting point is that he has good things and bad things… like everything in life. I have exceeded 200 hours traveling through its space and I have had plenty of time to reflect on both positions, but there is a third that interests me much more: everything that I would like to see come to the video game in the future.

Bethesda and Microsoft confirmed that starfield It will last for many years, which in colloquial language means updates, DLCs, expansions and more. It has happened for many years with Skyrim, Fallout 4 and Fallout 76, among others, so we are not facing an anomaly.

And what would you like to see in the future? It is very likely that the modding community will be in charge of making the greatest fantasies come true, but let’s focus on the work of Bethesda. Below I will tell you everything content I would like to see on Starfield in the future…hopefully near.

Stories, factions and locations

The number of planets, moons and seasons (playable zones) in starfield has been a topic of debate since before its release. The reality is that we have an obscene amount of places to visit. More or less important. More or less full and empty. It’s all about perspective.

Having so many systems with so many planets, moons and seasons gives a lot of room for introduce new stories (main, secondary, activities, contracts…) and factions, which in turn can imply new allies/enemies, ships, weapons, suits, clothing and locations. And I put special emphasis on the latter, because it would be good if there were more variety in types What can we find.

Starfield 2023 09 01 02 13 10

There are quite a few types of locations, but within each type there is not much variety beyond who controls them. Laboratory or Hangar buildings (for example) are usually very similar to each other. In relation to this, an interesting addition are the World Bosses and the camp systems.

The idea would be to introduce a series of locations on the planets and moons that form a set of camps. Each contains a clue to the location of a World Boss, an especially strong enemy with a lot of equipment and money. What they have been higher level dungeons. And they could be anything from legendary pirates, to renegade military men, to even larger Alpha alien animals.

And it wouldn’t be bad if Starfield expanded the scanning system to add records of legendary enemies, weapons and classes for a detailed record. Let me explain: being able to scan an enemy from afar to know their faction, strengths and weaknesses, and what equipment they carry. And if we scan the weapon, it tells us its abilities and accessories.

Vehicles in Starfield

The vehicles have been part of a little lie on the part of Bethesda about starfield. As discussed prior to the launch, the vehicles would not be necessary because the jetpack would be enough to cover the distances of the planets and moons. As I indicated in the analysis, this is a lie.

Starfield 2023 09 07 12 54 26

The distances are often very large and become especially complicated when there are special characteristics: from storms to corrosive environments, high temperatures and more. On the other hand, the load capacity is very limited and the absence of a vehicle makes mining extremely cumbersome.

Introducing vehicles would not only make exploration and the rest of the activities more friendly, but it would bring with it a good amount of content very interesting: purchase, sale and modification of space jeeps/rovers (expensive), ship modules with a space for an upgrade table and space for the vehicle, fuel system using cells or batteries (already present in the game to power generators and open doors), races on the Red Mile…

New styles of ships and bases: new modules for various utilities

New stories and factions can bring with them new modules for ships and bases. The previous point has added one: a cargo area to store, refuel and maintain the vehicle. However, it is not the only thing that the players have thought about. Below you have a mix of Reddit and homegrown proposals:

Starfield 2023 09 08 03 40 30

  • Shooting gallery.
  • Museums to display objects, from suits and clothing to other collectibles.
  • Large and luxurious rooms with glass windows.
  • Specialized modules for alien creatures (transport and maintenance)
  • Modules with secret laboratories to make drugs.
  • Modules to transform objects (ammunition) and automatically create (over time) medicines, drugs, ammunition, food and mineral refinement through the contents of our warehouse.
  • Module to train colleagues– Manage and improve your skills through an assignment. For example: improving Sarah’s Astrophysics skill (study) would take 50 in-game days and not being able to take her as a companion in that time. Additionally, this module would allow Vasco to be modified with new equipment: armor, scanners, stealth system and weapons.

Starfield 2023 09 08 03 37 35

New companions and pets like Meatball

It wouldn’t be bad at all if starfield Add more companions and a pet training system so that they end up becoming companions. Something similar to what we saw with Meatball in Fallout 4. We already have all the necessary points for this section: the arrival of new stories and factions could bring with them new companions, and even a faction that is dedicated to studying space creatures.

Fallout 4 cover

Taming or training would not mean inventing anything: adding a specific skill (there is already one to temporarily control) that allows interact with animals and feed them until they become our friends. We can then choose to store them in our ship (module mentioned above) to obtain the materials it can offer and finally to accompany us.

Depending on the skill level, we have access to more or less dangerous animals. On all planets there are several types, so we already have the levels (from least to most): peaceful, cautious, territorial and scavengers and hunters. Depending on the type, you can find everything from plants and biological material to special minerals. Needless to say, these animal companions should die in combat, so you have to be careful not to get them killed.

News and improvements in roles

The roles Starfield’s explorer, merchant, transporter, mining, and bounty hunter missions are currently relegated to the mission panels that we can find in certain locations such as spaceports, bars, and more. They work in a very simple way: we accept the order, we go from point A to B and we finish the order. The only different assignments are exploration and mining assignments, as they require scanning and obtaining materials.

Starfield 2023 08 23 22 08 29

Contracts are made especially repetitive after many hours and it would be interesting to add more interactions: load/unload cargo by hand or accompany passengers to the ship, investigate the location of objectives (documents in camps or interrogations) and add ground vehicles and specialized mining tools to the ship.

Finally, there are two aspects that the community has already resolved with mods: merchants should have more money so that trading would not be so tedious and smuggling should be better paid and more punished, even having tiers or types that affect what we transport. The higher the value, the more reward and worse sentence when caught. In fact, it would include the transportation of certain exotic alien animals (pet module) as part of the smuggling.

Survival mode and parameter customization

Do you remember the Fallout 4 Survival Mode? It is a mode that arrived on March 29, 2016 and that radically changed the experience. Some of its features are: limited saves (sleeping in beds), fast travel disabled, damage increases significantly (enemies and us), you have to stay hydrated, fed and rested (there is sleep fatigue); The medications act over time and have side effects, the ammunition weighs more, reduced capacity and being overloaded consumes fatigue…

Fallout Survival

It is not a mod, but a game mode that we can select from the menu and that allows us to customize the experience before starting. One of the most interesting for Starfield It would be the need to keep ourselves hydrated, fed and rested. The game has plenty of food and drink for this.

Fallout 4 Survival Mode also includes a obscene amount of conditions: from a cold to death from the effects of radiation. Starfield already has a fairly complex medical system, but it could be a little more severe. Introducing more derivative effects such as coughing (present in Starfield) would be really interesting in order to live a more immersive and demanding experience, and therefore, more leisurely. In any case, power completely customize the parameters of the games (before starting) would be a hoot.

Space Radio in Starfield

If it’s up to me, this section has no debate. Bethesda has missed a golden opportunity by not introducing a space radio with different broadcasters, as we have seen in Fallout over the years. In addition, some of the stations had physical locations and their own secondary missions.

Starfield’s music is great and there are places where we can listen to it. A Space Radio with different stations (CU, Freestar Collective, Crimson Fleet, religions and some independent ones) would have been ideal to listen to various music, find out the latest news and finally to access secondary missions in which radios are used.

The Earth devastated… but good

Todd Howard confessed that the idea of ​​making the Earth in the Fallout style briefly existed, but that it ended up being scrapped to make the ball of dust that we have known. It has some emblematic locations, but little else. Since Betheada isn’t going to do it, I’m launching my probe into modders: Starfield Land a la The Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn/Forbidden West, Remnant 2, and Fallout.

Fallout Starfield1

We have all thought about it and it is likely that many modders are considering the project. In fact, it would not even be necessary to change the history of the Earth, which we learn about during the main campaign, as long as there are certain climatic adversities (radiation or corrosion that has caused life to mutate). They can add a new faction of robots and even have zombies conquer the planet. In Fallout 76 They exist and are called Calcinados. I don’t care about the excuse as long as I see Starfield Earth post-apocalyptic style. Dreaming is free. I have hope in the mods.

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