“I promise you that I will delete everything if you don’t get it,” a YouTuber leaves his channel in the hands of MrBeast after accepting the challenge of going around the world in a month


“I promise you that I will delete everything if you don’t get it,” a YouTuber leaves his channel in the hands of MrBeast after accepting the challenge of going around the world in a month

The challenges on YouTube have been evolving more and more, reaching unsuspected levels. Although some initiatives are extremely dangerous for health, it is undeniable that others are very well planned and loaded with emotion. In this case, we will highlight the challenge of Airrack to go around the world in 30 days.

Through its YouTube channel, which has more than 14 million subscribers, Airrack explained that it would undertake a travel around the world in just one months. However, what is really complicated is not the trip itself, but the creation of a daily video throughout December. The reason? MrBeast has full control over your channel and if one day you don’t upload a video about the trip, he will completely delete your channel.

“I literally have your YouTube channel and I promise I will delete everything if you don’t get it and skip one day,” MrBeast exclaimed in one video. The challenge started on December 1st, so already it takes more than a week going around different countries.

Until now, Airrack has visited several European countries, including Ireland, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Italy and Scotland. You still have to explore prominent places in Asia, such as Thailand, Japan, China or South Korea, as well as destinations in Latin America and Africa, such as Colombia, South Africa, the Congo or Brazil, among others. We do not know if he will be able to complete the challenge, but everything indicates that we will see great surprises throughout his trip, since his goal is to arrive in New York on New Year’s Eve to close 2023 in spectacular fashion.

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