Nowadays, unfortunately, it is quite common to see many comments on the internet that are really inappropriate and that try to harm a person. Cyberbullying today It is a very common practice, But we have already seen how there are mechanisms to detect who has published that comment taking advantage of the “anonymity” of the network.

Today the actions that can be taken against an adult who has posted a comment are known by imposing responsibilities in their name. But it is a reality that there are also many minors who take advantage of this anonymity to publish hate messages against some people. What happens to them?

The AEPD can punish minors, but through their guardians

The answer is very clear: the sanction is assumed by the parents or legal guardians and can reach 10,000 euros. This is something that the Spanish Data Protection Agency itself decides through an administrative sanction as its mission is to monitor the complaints that are made due to the comments that appear on the network. And it was in 2022 when the AEPD made its debut in this matter by fining a father for his son’s messages.


As 20Minutos reports, this specific case comes from a. And for this fact the fine amounted to 5,000 euros.

As we have previously mentioned, the AEPD’s mission is to impose administrative fines, like those we have seen in other cases, such as the installation of a digital peephole. But in no case can impose prison sentences. That is why in more serious cases the affected person will have to resort to criminal proceedings, as in the case that occurred in Almendralejo, in order to be able to face sentences of up to 2 years in prison.

For all these reasons, minors are not exempt from suffering the consequences of publishing an inappropriate message on the Internet. Although those who are going to have to stand up for them they are going to be the parents as they are subsidiary responsible as stated in the Civil Code. In this way, it is these legal guardians who will have to assume the financial consequences.

The important thing in this case, and what the AEPD recommends, is make minors aware of the consequences of uploading a message to the internet that threatens the integrity of a third party. Having a pseudonym will not free them from being detected by companies (in general) as there are also agreements between this agency and major companies such as Google or Meta.

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