When it comes to sports video games, we are used to seeing many about football or basketball, although there are also others dedicated to other disciplines, such as golf. This is where Cursed to Golf comes into the picture, a fantastic indie developed by the Chuhai Labs studio that is easy to catch your eye due to its colorful touch.

If you are one of those who prefer to play instead of watching, then you will have the opportunity to enjoy this game whenever you want, which is available for free to all subscribers of PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium. If you are signed up for either of these two levels, you will only have to access its download in the PlayStation Store and thus demonstrate your skill in this sport, whether on PS4 or PS5.

The protagonist of this roguelike is the Cursed Golfer, who is trapped in purgatory after having suffered a strange accident while playing in an international tournament. The only way to return to his world is by defeating the great legends who are on the other side, having to visit all kinds of golf courses led by ghost experts.

To beat the levels it will be necessary to hit the ball as few times as possible, because if you exceed the par you will have to go back to the beginning. The problem is that Each field is well filled with traps and obstacles everywhereso we must take into account platforms, mounds, fans, spikes, explosives, teleporters and many other gadgets that will invite us to play golf like we have never seen before.

At least it is also possible to have help so that the task does not become so complicated. In this way, if golden or silver idols are destroyed, the number of hits available will increase, just as you can take advantage of cards that allow you to turn the tables in your favor with somewhat crazy effects, such as the 180º turn or the rocket ball

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