We all know what happens if you use Spotify and HomePods in your home: Siri’s commands are more complicated or simply impossible to speak. The integration with Apple Music is great, but legal battles in the European Union mean that this is not the case with its most used rival.

However, it seems that there is a little light at the end of the tunnel: iOS 17 has made The integration between Spotify and HomePods improves. Not in the ideal way that we hope to have one day, but a step has been taken towards what it should be.

Siri becomes somewhat friendlier with Spotify

As they have been able to verify in SamaGame, now iOS 17 offers us the possibility of saying the order: “play music from Spotify”. The change is that this order will be recognized specifically so that it is executed from the iPhone, even if the HomePods detect our voice first. Spotify reacts by playing its content on the speakers.

The first time you do it, you must confirm a first approval that Siri herself requests: you are sent to the iPhone so that you can verify your identity using Face ID, nothing more.

But the important thing is that before You must have iOS 17 installed on your iPhone and version 17 of the HomePod system. In the latter case you can force the update from the Home application, although it is best to wait for the automatic update to be applied without doing anything.

This is just one step, although it is still not the deepest integration that we can have right now with other services like Deezer. Every battle has its collateral damage, and Spotify’s with Apple continues to be a poorer integration between the service and the ecosystem of the bitten apple.

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