Although for a few years now the smartphone market has been marked by a pronounced downward trend, the last decade was dominated by these devices and their possibilities. As a result of their popularization, billions of people from all corners of the world decided to purchase one to maintain contact with their loved ones, check emails, take photographs and carry out all kinds of actions from any location. And this, in the end, has caused a excessive dependency in many users.

Therefore, as a result of the stress that smartphones cause to users, in recent months there has been a general rebound in classic folding phones without internet. Thus, firms like Nokia are enjoying a second youth thanks to this condition. Nevertheless, Takayuki Fukusawa (Japanese developer) wanted to go one step further and presented the benefits of AcryPhonea “smartphone” that arrives 16 years after the first iPhone and, despite this, is unable to surpass this one in any aspect.

He came up with the idea after running out of battery

As the German portal SamaGame states in a recent publication, the AcryPhone is nothing more than a mobile made of acrylic material. Therefore, it lacks basic aspects such as a screen, speakers, integrated LEDs or a processor. It is, simply and simply, a stone made mobile, which is why its main function is to function as a placebo for those who are unable to detach themselves from said technology. And, according to the creator, the idea occurred to him after running out of battery and verifying that the usefulness of his cell phone was limited.

At the same time, it also ensures that it is perfect for cure addiction that many have a mobile phone, although he also assures that some users buy it to “use it ironically“, which is why he dares to describe the device as “Very versatile”. For those interested, the AcryPhone is available in two versions: a standard 21 euros and, for just one euro more, a much more successful one that imitates the details of some modern mobile phones.

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