Among the players of Pokemon There are many who love to be collectors and get everything, which is actually the main goal of the saga, but there are also those who aspire to capture all the shiny Pokémon. They are different versions from the original species, retaining their same shape, although they have different colors, which is what makes them so special, rare and coveted.

That’s where streamer Reversal comes in, whose goal was to capture a shiny Feebas in Pokémon Sword and Shield. An exchange was not worth it, because his intention was to get one at his own expense. However, the complicated thing about this whole matter is that he only appears on Route 2 of the Galar region, which forces him to have to fish again and again to find one.

And that’s not all, because its percentage of appearance is extremely low. It only has one 1% chance to appear in this area compared to 59% for Magikarp and 40% for Chewtle. If we add to that that it is also very complicated for it to be shiny, then you can get an idea of ​​the enormous patience you have to have to face a challenge like this.

That is why Reversal has spent the last three years trying to get hold of this unique Feebas, which has been difficult to achieve. 472 live broadcasts and a total of 236,184 attempts until he finally appeared in his game. Naturally, after so much time, it is more than understandable that his reaction was so striking:

Reversal Twitter 01

So we can see this great Pokémon fan scream and jump for joy, as well as cry with emotion for finally having gotten his way after three years and hundreds of thousands of attempts. Not happy with that, he wanted to evolve it to Milotithrough an exchange with a friend, which almost gives him a heart attack when a connection failure appears just at the moment of truth.

Reversal Twitter 02

Luckily the exchange took place correctly and everything ended in a scare. At least now this player Pokémon Sword and Shield He can now rest easy and above all take care of Milotic as if his life depended on it so as not to lose him.

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