We only have the option of remembering its launch as one of the biggest disappointments in video game history. The premiere of Cyberpunk 2077 came eight years after its announcement. A too long time during which the ‘hype’ took over almost the entire community. Too high expectations, along with a hasty launch in which some highly anticipated options by users were lost and which was full of bugs caused CD Projekt RED to garner mostly negative opinions. However, almost three years have passed since then. The image, both of the title and the company, has improved thanks to a comeback built on updates which ends with the release of Patch 2.0 on September 21. The bittersweet trip has also had a side effect that has been positive for some users.

There was never a reason to stop playing Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt RED’s rescue operation for Cyberpunk 2077 has led to a paradoxical effect. The players who had enjoyed the title the most had, from time to time, a reason to return. This has meant that, for many, enjoying the title has become a constant. “I played it at launch and it gave me almost no problems. During the last three years I have played it four more times and I still have 3 or 4 character builds in mind (…) Now that 2.0 arrives along with the big DLC, Although it’s only been three years, I think it will become the RPG I’ve ever played the most. I haven’t even played both Skyrim and Cyberpunk,” said one user through a Reddit thread. What is most striking, however, is that many fans have shared their opinion.

“I only have 300 hours left to reach a thousand. Even with its flaws, it is my favorite singleplayer ever,” said another user. A third was going down the same path: “I’m in the same boat. 300 hours played and I refuse to uninstall it because I know I’ll come back from time to time.” Best of all, a large number of users seemed to agree on the same thing. Regardless of the number of hours you have put in so far, it is time to start a new game to enjoy 2.0, where the game will look much more similar to how the developers envisioned it in the first place. Also, although it will have to be checked out, they plan to explore all the content of Phantom Liberty.


The release of Cyberpunk Edgerunners also helped keep the game popular throughout this time.

The truth is that it is curious. The fact that the game had an eventful launch has been one of the reasons why the users who enjoyed it the most have remained hooked. It’s not necessarily a positive thing for CD Projekt RED, but their work on updates has meant that, since its launch, it has remained at a very healthy player count for a single-player adventure. At its launch it became the ‘singleplayer’ with the most simultaneous users in the history of Steam, a title it still holds. During the last few months, in addition, he has always remained with more than 20,000 assets at a time during the most active times of the day.

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