Few Hollywood stars have shone as brightly as when Arnold Schwarzenegger I was at the top. Of course, the actor rejected countless films throughout his career, but there is one that especially hurts him to have said no, since he was offered to participate in a marvel of action cinema from the 90s whose role was finally in the hands of Nicolas Cage.

The point is that the protagonist of the ‘Terminator’ saga was offered the role of Stanley Goodspeed in ‘The Rock’, but the script finally signed by David Weisberg, Douglas S. Cook and Mark Rosner -although they also had a hand in it Quentin Tarantino and Aaron Sorkin– was still in a fairly precarious state, as the actor himself revealed in an AMA made for Reddit:

“I love ‘The Rock’, it came out great”

The film I most regret not having made is ‘The Rock’. I love the movie, it came out great. When they offered it to me, there was only an 80-page script with many notes and scribbles by hand, it was half done. But they did a fantastic job.

Schwarzenegger must have been so delighted with ‘The Rock’ that he did not hesitate to highlight Michael Bay as one of the directors you would love to work with. Unfortunately, everything indicates that we will never see them collaborating together, but it was not because he fell short in praising ‘The Rock’, because in an interview with The Sun he also highlighted the following:

I remember that Jerry Bruckheimer came with the script for ‘The Rock’, the film that Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage ended up making. They offered me the role of Cage, but it was 80 pages of notes all over the place like, “This is bullshit,” “Let’s not do this,” or “Let’s rewrite this.” I saw all this while I was shooting another movie and I didn’t know how to take it, but I knew I couldn’t commit to it. I waited for them to fix the problems and come back with a good script, but when they did they hired Nicolas Cage. And I love the result, it’s fantastic. Also, Nicolas Cage did an extraordinary job and I don’t know if I would have been able to do it as well as him, but I ended up very angry that I turned down the role, because it was great.

‘The Rock’ ended up being a huge box office success, achieving worldwide revenues of $335 million. In addition, Cage chained two other unforgettable action titles from the 90s such as ‘Con Air’ and ‘Face to Face’. For his part, Schwarzenegger released ‘Eraser’ that same summer, probably the last great film as an action hero before his career began to fade and he had to settle for a box office of 242 million.

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