As a reputable Mortal Kombat 1 informant has shared —among other games—, various They would have found clues in the game about some of their upcoming characters. Without a doubt, it is quite curious news if we take into account that the new thing from NetherRealm Studios is not yet available. Not at least without early access.

Let us remember, then, that its official launch is dated for September 19th. Despite this, they have already been able to extract various information from the source code through these early access versions. According to them, evidence of at least 10 characters would have been found.

Some of the collaborations seem very unlikely, but this is what those from Mortal Kombat 1 have found

Although there is nothing official yet, these leaks would indicate that the studio has prepared the return of some old acquaintances of the franchise along with some pretty unique cameos. For example, He-Man stands out, although this one seems unlikely. To be honest, it would be strange for me to see this character ripping off an opponent’s head, but you never know.

Datamine Mk1

For its part, ghostfacethe antagonist of the Scream series, fits me much more, and it would make a lot of sense if we stick to other film characters that have appeared in, for example, Mortal Kombat 11. Be that as it may, it is difficult to verify the veracity of each and every one of the mined data.

Especially if we take into account that some of the data obtained are voice lines that could belong to cut content, voice tests and even inside jokes. It is not uncommon for some developers to include “false” information to mislead the occasionally.

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