It’s appreciated when a AAA game comes to Nintendo Switch along with the rest of the platforms, but companies should skip this if it is going to be launched in deplorable conditions as has just happened with the bloody fighting game from Warner Bros and NetherRealm Studios.

Now that Early Access is now available on all platforms, we soon received a graphical comparison between all versions, a topic of great interest especially when we have one for Nintendo Switch ready to analyze in the mix. Surely you have already seen one or another comparative image of the game, well the difference is so great (and disappointing) that it did not take long to become trend, for unfortunate reasons.

What happened to the port of Mortal Kombat 1 on Nintendo Switch?

Warner Bros. has sought to give its place to the Nintendo community with multiple recent games, however, this precise is not managed entirely by NetherRealm Studios (the studio in charge of MK1), and while the hybrid console requires obvious sacrifices in terms of graphic quality, reaching what is seen today is simply unacceptable, especially when this version of the game costs exactly the same as on PS5 or Xbox X/S Series.

As we said, it is appreciated that the studios do not abandon the Switch in their releases, but If you are going to provoke a tremendous wave of criticism and complaints in the process, it may be best to ignore the and move on to other tasks; It did not have a version on Nintendo Switch, probably for this reason, and we do not blame Capcom after seeing the result.

NetherRealm Studios has already earned a bad reputation for releasing very poor releases since the days of , and that will be guaranteed by the PC community that waited for said game in 2015. The situation is just as bad (or worse) on Nintendo Switch as it is. you already observed, and At least for its official release this September 19, fans will have to put up with these graphics if they want to play on the hybrid console.

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