My great obsession with GOTY 2021 is not its action or the story, but rather an absurd tin toy that from what I see has caught many more. It Takes Two


My great obsession with GOTY 2021 is not its action or the story, but rather an absurd tin toy that from what I see has caught many more.  It Takes Two

With its colorful locations, innovative mechanics, and a story where it’s easy to get attached to its protagonists, we weren’t surprised to learn that It Takes Two won the award for Best Game of the Year back in 2021. And there are not a few players who have been left speechless with this cooperative proposal for 2 peoplebut today I bring up the good work of Hazelight Studios not for its fantastic overall experience, but for obsessing a good handful of users with Minigames as simple as they are addictive. And yes, I have also fallen into this pit.

If you’ve played It Takes Two, you probably remember the multiple minigames that are scattered throughout the adventure. Horse racing, rhythm proposals, tank warfare… There are many mechanics and proposals addressed during the development of these nice add-ons. However, despite the fact that the community usually sees these quick songs as a simple extra for the main campaign, it turns out that my partner and I dedicated ourselves to exploring every corner of the stage in search of that flying tambourine that indicates the discovery of a new minigame. And, with that, a good session begins. pikes and healthy competitiveness which, looking back, are essential for the adventure starring Cody and May.

A baseball toy that kept me up late

The obsession with this toy is solely due to plain, simple fun; something fundamental in the story of It Takes Two

In fact, our greatest memory with It Takes Two has a very specific form: a absurd tin toy with two baseball players and their respective balls. It is an extremely simple minigame whose objective in the EA Originals adventure is nothing more than to entertain for a few minutes. However, we (and many online players, as I have seen) become obsessed to the point of repeat the game dozens of times. What is this phenomenon due to? Nothing in particular, just the plain and simple fun to compete against a close rival and beat your own records.

And, while it is true that this toy is the one that caught us the most during our game, we also had a good time playing other mini-games; all of them adapting perfectly to their respective contexts. Do you arrive at a fairy tale city with dozens of details? Well, try to win a race through its labyrinthine streets. Are you in a science fiction zone? Then dodge dozens of deadly lasers and make things more difficult for your opponent. There are dozens of options available in the game, and all of them offer something extremely important for both adventure and a relationship: disconnect for a while and have a great time with something extremely simple.

My great obsession with GOTY 2021 is not its action or the story, but rather an absurd tin toy that from what I see has caught many more. It Takes Two - 1

The tin toy from It Takes Two. Source: SpongeWardTentPants on Reddit.

Some breaks more important than it seems

The mini-games serve as a necessary escape capsule to rest during a stressful time for Cody and May.

In fact, anyone would think it’s ironic to participate in competitive mini-games when we’re talking about Cody and May, people who end up traveling to incredible worlds because they intend to divorce. During the main adventure of It Takes Two, both characters talk about the most annoying things about their relationship and delve into what went wrong, which is complemented by the constant goal of getting their real bodies back and returning to their normal lives. In short, we talk about a stressful context where part of the pressure is released with small mini-games; a kind of escape capsule that, based on healthy competitiveness, serves to momentarily release any existing burden.

And this is not the only message that can be extracted from the brilliant work of Hazelight Studios and EA Originals. Although I have focused here on my most recent obsession, which takes the form of an absurd tin toy, experiencing this game as a couple or with friends invites collect different readings about romantic relationships, the importance of communication and other aspects that, although routine in our daily lives, are key in moments of greatest crisis.

But, if this game has captured your attention solely because of the fun of the platforms and the colorful of its settings, you may want to take a look at our analysis of It Takes Two where we summarize everything that makes this installment entertaining. The bad thing, though, is that the tin toy I’m talking about in this article has been created exclusively for the Hazelight Studios title and, therefore, is not for sale anywhere. Which is a shame, because those little moments hitting the ball are already part of my relationship and that of many other players.

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