‘Reservation Dogs’ has the superb farewell it deserves: season 3 establishes the series as one of the best on Disney+


‘Reservation Dogs’ has the superb farewell it deserves: season 3 establishes the series as one of the best on Disney+

With the brief delay to which we are now accustomed, Disney+ has released season 3 and finale of ‘Reservation Dogs’, one of those true gems that probably go under the radar of many (it is certainly not something welcomed by the general public). And now it’s time to say goodbye to this group of zascandiles.

A farewell tone that permeates the ten episodes of the season… especially the second half, in which it becomes tangible that the decisive moment has arrived for these young people. For three years we have seen them trying to pursue their dreams (the promised land) and maturing as they tried to discern not only what their future would be, but even if they were going to have it.

Not anything else, but there are, especially in the last half of the season, so many moments that could serve as closure for the series in the sense that it takes the time to close the vital journeys of the quintet. Above all, both ways of Bear (D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai) and Elora (Devery Jacobs), including some reconciliation with the past and the search for new directions.

Goodbye, Rez dogs

As usual, Sterlin Harjo emphasizes the sense of community on the reservation and, here perhaps more than in season 2, he devotes himself to drawing parallels between the Rez and the lives of his uncles, aunts and grandmothers when they were his age. Something interesting when we see, indeed, a certain decline and loss between then and now.

There has also been no lack of heart when it comes to showing this generational change. Little by little Harjo and company are introducing us to how the Rez are going to continue once we stop seeing them. It is the end of the series, but not of its story. There we have Willie Jack (Paulina Alexis) becoming interested in being Fixico’s disciple (Richard Ray Whitman), without suspecting that he would have to take his place.

And all this with the exquisite balance that Harjo continues to have when it comes to recounting the Native American experience. Not only life on the reservation, also open wounds that exists in the indigenous population (there we have the chapter ‘The Deer Woman’ as a clear example) and the consequences of continued systemic negligence.

But he doesn’t lose in no time, the sense of humor. It is still a (quite) dramatic comedy and we have moments to remember such as the assault on the psychiatric hospital or the courtship between Bev (Jan Schmieding) and Big (Zahn McClarnon).

What he does avoid is getting into romantic plots. Yes, we have seen this or that courtship but they decide that what is the purely romantic plot occurs off camera. A decision that is somewhat dangerous – to ‘Ted Lasso’ It worked fine for him not showing certain changes (not just romantic ones)—but here it looks very natural. Something caused, in my opinion, to avoid contaminating the rest of the situations.

In short, ‘Reservation Dogs’ once again establishes itself as one of the essential series from the Disney+ catalog. The fabulous portrait of these young boys and the continuous dialogue between present and past, between her own ambitions and the embrace of the community, make it an emotional and tender pearl.

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