Not long ago we told you about the pre-sale of the sensational special Charizard card pack, which you can still get. On this occasion, Amazon Mexico has a sensational offer for you, since the package has a ridiculous price of 660 pesos.

Initially you will notice that the page shows an indicated cost of 734 pesos, which is also a good price considering that its value is 999 pesos. However, at the bottom of it there is an option to redeem an additional 10% coupon. The only thing you have to do is click on that small section, and the moment before making the payment, it will show you the price with the discount already applied.

We have to point out that this is the edition Elite Trainer Boxand brings with it nine expansion packs, a player’s guide with its rules instructions, 65 sleeves for your cards with an illustration of Arceussix damage counter dice, coin condition marker and a collector box to store your cards.

Of course, shipping is completely free for all users, and those who have Amazon Prime will receive their package the next day depending on its delivery point in order to begin expanding your collection with the other cards that you already have in your possession.

Pokemon Tcg Sword Shield Elite Trainer Box Arceus

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