Sport Interactive makes a controversial decision with Football Manager 2024 Mobile: it will be exclusive to Netflix

football manager

Sport Interactive makes a controversial decision with Football Manager 2024 Mobile: it will be exclusive to Netflix

One of the movements that has most angered the Football Manager community, which will undoubtedly leave a precedent in their games.

Previously we announced the release of Football Manager 2024 and that one of the few new things they had announced was that the mobile version would no longer be available in the IOS and Android store and would be on the Netflix platformwith which you would have to have an active subscription to be able to play them.

Let us remember that, throughout these years, Football Manager has been characterized in the mobile version by offering, at an affordable and fixed price, the management video game, of course, with reductions in its options. Lately it was being somewhat criticized given that there was hardly any technical news.

Is this move shooting itself in the foot by Sports interactive?

This movement can go well or badly, although we We opted for the second.. We have all known for a few months that Netflix was lowering the quality of its service and raising their prices, something that many people have been against. This platform is characterized by offering series and movies through a subscription, adding a games section has not improved the situation

This is where its games section comes in, which you can play through the cloud and from its platform, but which no one uses, basically because there are better alternatives, like Game Pass. Apart from being meaningless on a platform whose purpose is, as I mentioned, to watch movies and series.

Netflix is ​​progressively rising after a global drop in subscribers, but this rise can be somewhat misleading, since it is produced by its plan with ads, which is cheaper but with less content, and those who are subscribed to the total plan They don’t use their games sectionSo what is the meaning of this move by Sports Interactive?

None, I’ll tell you already. And more a mobile version that barely It improves as the years go by., it’s the same, only the templates, teams and a small minimal improvement change. So, if people were already tired of paying annually for the same game, they will not do it monthly. Above all, having the version of Football Manager 2024 on Game Passwhich you can play in the cloud and from your mobile device and IOS.

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