Artificial intelligence can be really dangerous for the entire society. And we are not referring to the fact that he can replace us in a job or that his intelligence will wipe out all of humanity. The real problem that we are currently suffering is related to the hyperrealistic photo montages that are made with AI.

Seeing a politician in a compromising situation or taking a nude from a photograph that has uploaded to the network are some of the examples we have. A really curious situation occurred recently in France where images of President Emmanuel Macron being chased by protesters or protesting against his own pension law were published. But all these situations have never happened.

AI and photorealism is a serious problem

The problem is that the photographs that have circulated on the Internet are really realistic, and the people who have seen them online social networks have come to believe that they were original. But this is because there are many technologies that are quickly accessible and do not require spending a lot of money to make them work. Some examples are DALL-E, Midjourney or Stable Diffusion.


“” is the phrase that David Fathi used after doing an extraordinary job with Midjourney. And through her Instagram account she published different photographs generated by Midjourney as a ‘social experiment’.

The objective was to know if these images, even if they were surreal, could make people believe them, completely manipulating reality. And a simple article with this type of manipulated photographs or a publication in It can distort anyone’s reality.

And we place a lot of trust in a photograph, thinking that it is unalterable (or at least if it is done you can clearly see that it is a ‘cut and paste’). But now they can put an image, for example, of Pedro Sánchez demonstrating in front of the Moncloa Palace, where you live, and the reality of the image may be incredibly good. And this can cause people to actually believe it.

But this can be transferred to less extreme situations where there are doubts in society, and with A simple AI will be able to manipulate people’s opinions in a single click. The problem is that there are more and more generative AIs that are accessible to everyone, and this effectively causes more and more people to have access to these tools with the aim of altering reality. That is why we must once remember the need to always distrust everything, no matter how real it may be, and always verify that information.

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