Look, every other weekend has passed, but many of us may still be in shock for the shocking closure of season 2 of ‘Foundation’. The excellent series based on the novels of Isaac Asimov has closed a new year by turning the entire galactic panorama upside down and David S. Goyer has explained this ending.

Season 2 ends in tragedy, with Salvor Hardin (Leah Harvey) sacrificing herself after receiving a hit aimed at Gaal (Lou Llobell) from a young mentalic. A death that catches the audience off guard because it contradicts the vision of the future that Gaal had at the beginning of the season but that, in fact, sheds an important meaning: the future is not written in stone.

Future not fixed

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This is stated by David Goyer, co-creator of the series, speaking about this death in Collider:

«And then to have that (the future) not written in stone, I think it’s surprising for the audience and emotional for them. But his sacrifice is also a kind of gift because it means that that future may not happen, it means that there is a possibility. There is a possibility, not only for Gaal, there is a possibility for the plan even after the awakening of The Mule. That there are possibilities…”

Salvor’s death, he acknowledges, yes it was intended for season 3 (which is yet to be announced)… but they decided to change their plans in what they were writing this season:

“I knew at the beginning, when we were planning (season 2), what was going to happen to Ben and Hober and Salvor’s death was something we planned for season 3. Halfway through writing the season, I proposed moving it up to the end of the season because Salvor was going to die at the hands of the Mule at the end (of season 3).”

The reason? Although they wanted to use the surprise factor, Goyer swears that they didn’t do it for pure shock:

“There are a couple of surprises in 10, but that’s the one that really caught people off guard and I was surprised to see people talking online like ‘Well, Salvor has script armor because we know his character is destined to face to The Mule”. And I think it’s kind of exciting as a viewer when something happens that you don’t expect. We didn’t do it for the shock value. There is a reason for that. But I also think that good series also kill characters that you like.”

Go for The Mule

The screenwriter also gives us a taste of the future. Although they began to introduce it throughout season 2 through Gaal’s visions, it will finally be in a potential season 3, which is already written, when the great threat that is El Mulo finally arrives in all its splendor.

This has been stated by Goyer himself, who compares the mutant to the Darth Vader of this universe while talking about how to bring to the screen someone whose specific powers are not explained in the original story:

«All of that is “off screen” in the book. And because we’re mostly adapting the Mule novella for season 3, we need that on screen and have him as a boogeyman, a kind of Darth Vader. The exciting thing for us was that we found a cheat way to introduce the character a little bit in Season 2. What’s really exciting, when I met with Apple, Amazon, and all the people who wanted to do the show, everyone was like, ” When are we going to have El Mulo?” And I said, “I’m sorry, but we won’t have it until season 3.”

And, said and done. We will finally have the Mule in the next season of the series and his importance is such that, in Goyer’s words, turns everything upside down in such a way that it will foster impossible alliances:

«(…) The Mule cannot be predicted. The Mule was this outlier. The other thing I’m excited about for season 3 is that when you introduce a character like this, who is such an existential threat to both the Foundation, the Second Foundation, and the Empire, it creates an opportunity for awkward or unusual alliances between these different factions that wouldn’t happen. of normal. Just as Russia and the United States allied against Germany, which was rare in World War II. And I think it’s really exciting. Something I’m really looking forward to exploring in season 3. I think you’re going to see some unusual pairings.”

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