German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (left) and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi shake hands during a ceremonial reception in New Delhi, India.

A resilient Germany, capable of breaking with its past by leaving behind its energy dependence on Russia. That image has been insisted on by the Executive of Chancellor Olaf Scholz in 2023, after Russia invaded Ukraine last year.

Official communications from the Ministry of Economy, in the hands of its vice-chancellor and green politician Robert Habeck, reported earlier this year that “Germany is independent of energy imports from Russia.” “We did not bow when Russia cut off our gas supply,” the chancellor went so far as to say in his televised New Year’s message.

Russia launches new wave of attacks and hits energy infrastructure in Ukraine

Sensitive data of EU politicians and military ends up in Russia and China due to advertising tracking

Daniel Pérez: “Spain does not have any competitive advantage in nuclear energy but it does in solar energy”

Europe has brought out of the back of the closet an energy that had been in the background for years: geothermal energy

The German car industry has a serious chip shortage problem. One that won’t be coming out anytime soon

A young German YouTuber earns up to 20,000 euros a month for collecting content that is not even his

Telefónica launches a takeover bid for its German subsidiary for 1,970 million

Drones that “hibernate” for weeks before attacking: Russia’s latest weapon in the Ukraine war

The US sanctions were supposed to stop its chips from reaching Russia. It was supposed

Sanctions against Russia have not been very successful: it now produces more missiles than before the war, according to NYT

Russia promotes a law against trans people that prohibits surgeries, hormone therapy and changes in documents

Russia mocks US sanctions and already knows how to circumvent them to create supercomputers with banned chips

The US has reasons to worry: Russia plans to follow in China’s footsteps to develop its chip industry

“I should not return to Russia”, these developers fled their country in defiance of Putin’s supporters

Bad news for the United States and China. Russia becomes a new rival and confirms its ambitious plan for its chip industry

ChatGPT crashes a lot when asked developer questions. Even so, it details the answers so much that it seems truthful

Scammers use emails with questions about food allergies to sneak viruses into hotels’ systems

These are the questions I always ask to find out if the call is a scam. And it never fails

George RR Martin is tired of always being asked the same questions. “You don’t need to bother me anymore with The Winds of Winter. I know I’m 12 years…

No, Decathlon is not going to give you a €2,500 bicycle in exchange for “answering some questions”: it is a scam that reappears

Magnetic nanoparticles help dissolve blood clots

Starfield: Would it be possible to manually visit planets in the future?

Naked mole rats are good at repairing their genes

The best games included in the new Xbox Game Pass Core subscription

The star firstborns have survived to this day

New details of Exodus, the game inspired by Mass Effect starring Matthew McConaughey

Photon by ion

Pandora is the perfect environment for a game: the creative director of ‘Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora’ tells us how they made it playable

A new kilogram awaits the International System of Units

Come out of retirement with this Payday 3 Gold Edition deal for Xbox

Fats are burned in the evenings

Starfield’s Creation Engine 2 sparks debate. Need or disappointment?

Heat sterilizes males

“He’s real, but he lied about everything else.” The Day Before is again accused of scamming users after spending years “advertising with fake ads”

Orangutans tell each other about the past

Amazon Mexico has this Pokémon TCG 151 package at an incredible historic price: a thousand pesos discount for the most fervent fans of the first generation

Earth’s water could have originated from two sources

This X-Files song was a mystery for 25 years. Thanks to the collaboration of users, we now know his name

Imaginary multitasking improves brain function

Manufacturers are clear about which car is perfect for the city: the same one they are abandoning

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