Mondays are tough, but with a good offer it makes starting the week more bearable. Especially at this time, which already marks the last hours of the day. If you are looking for powerful, good and cheap headphones, this offer is for you, because it undoubtedly combines everything: Redmi Buds 3 + the discount of the day.

Xiaomi’s Spanish website celebrates Redmi Week, which includes offers everywhere. And today, Monday, we open it not with an offer, but with an offer such as these Xiaomi Buds 3 for 129.99 euros that are only 49.99 euros on the Xiaomi website. And even less, at 46.80 euros on Amazon.

Buds 3: For Fitness, walks, video meetings and for Netflix

Equipped with a powerful ANC chip, The Buds 3 have 3-microphone noise cancellation capabilities for clear calls, even in areas with heavy background noise. These wireless headphones have certified Hi-Fi sound quality, a dual magnetic dynamic driver and three modes of use whether you are in a park, using them in the office or in a bus or subway type environment.

Buds 3

And how are they managed? The Buds 3 include touch buttons, simultaneous connectivity with two devices, They are dust and water resistant (IP55) and can be paired with two devices at the same time whether they are Android, Windows or iOS, so you can stop and switch to a call while watching videos on a tablet or computer.

Seven hours of continuous use

With a battery that provides7 hours in a row on a single charge, the Buds 3 have an autonomy of a day and a half when used in conjunction with the charging case, which is also compatible with the Qi wireless charging protocol.

Buds 3 2

As we said before, a great offer that is only 49.99 euros on the Xiaomi website. And even less, at 46.80 euros on Amazon. You choose.

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