Those who have followed EverQuest more or less recently will know that, for some time, there has been a lot of talk about a sequel. Back in the day, as told by massivelyop, Holly Longdale, the—at that time—executive director of DayBreak Game (developer of the original game) He commented that the franchise still had a “future”.

Some time later, Longdale left for Blizzard. Shortly after, Daybreak was acquired by EG7, a video game conglomerate based in Sweden. Far from stopping things there, the directors of the aforementioned study were acquiring more and more relevance in EG7 until seating several of its directors at the presidential table. Since then, They have released several messages that EverQuest would return.

EverQuest 3 is more real than ever and its owners want it to be real, but it’s not official yet

OK, But what does all this have to do with EverQuest? Well, during a conference held by EG7 itself, a document of its future plans was shown. The EverQuest logo clearly appears on this one, so it is not shown as a secret. In principle, their idea would be to release it in 2028, so there is still a lot left, but it is not official yet.

Everquest Plans

Although the image and the plan appear clearly indicated, the truth is that the CEO of the company declared that, although it was among his plans, It was still a developing idea rather than a certainty. This is, therefore, a theoretical assumption that would not be real until 2025, at least. The funny thing is that when he talks about EverQuest, he talks about it as “the company’s most important product.”

Therefore, it is clear that they intend to do something and that EverQuest 3 is a much more certain reality than one might expect. Despite this, EG7 wanted to make it clear that it is still in the “ideation phase”, so we cannot take it for granted. At least not completely, but everything indicates that, if possible, they will carry it out.

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