The Game Awards neither forget nor forgive. Bill Clinton’s kid made an appearance, and now he has a lifetime ban behind him


The Game Awards neither forget nor forgive.  Bill Clinton’s kid made an appearance, and now he has a lifetime ban behind him

While it is true that the Game Awards were full of powerful trailers and advertisements, those of us who watched last year’s awards had a question running through our heads: will it be Matan Even, aka “Bill Clinton’s kid” at the event? Geof Keighley’s nightmare He was, in fact, at the venue, and it seems that it will be his last time there unless he wants to have legal problems.

Matan Even, Bill Clinton’s child, will not be able to return to the Game Awards

Known as “Bill Clinton’s kid” for the bizarre speech he made last year while sneaking in together with the creators of Elden Ring On the awards stage, Matan Even is what we all know as a liante. We were hoping it would appear in this year’s Summer Game Festbut he could not appear because he was under house arrest.

In order not to lose the old custom, this year he bought his ticket for the event, but, after entering and making his presence public, He was received with very curious news: from now until the end of his days, he is prohibited from entering the Pea___ Theater in Los Angeles, where the gala is held every year.

As revealed on his X account (the social network formerly known as Twitter), the document says that he is no longer authorized or invited to re-enter the facility for life. To condemn the message, the owners of the theater have stated that, if this prohibition is ignoredthey will take legal action against Even. Of course, his moment of fame last year has not gone unnoticed by the upper echelons of events, which seek to put an end to the troublemaker’s adventures.

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