The Kings League continues to prepare for its first end of the year with the Kings Cup, a cup-style tournament that will close in style the competition created by Gerard Piqué at the beginning of the year and which has revolutionized Twitch with a huge number of spectators.

Well, on the occasion of this final, the league wanted to offer the Kings Cup finalists one of the players that the public has requested the most: Joaquin Sanchez. The Sevillian player retired this year from the Real Betis Balompié and, since then, the idea of ​​him participating in his competition has been on Piqué’s mind.

La Rosaleda will once again welcome Joaquín, a player who in just two years became the flagship of that Euromalaga who tasted glory in European competition. As happened with Shevchenko, a Who is who gigantic that ended with only one player.

It will not be until the Kings League pre-program when we know the team with which they will play the final of the Kings League. Kings Cup, and it will work more or less as seen with Shevchenko at the time: the four finalist teams will bid for the player with the virtual money they have available; Whoever has the best bid will keep it. The Kings and Queens Cup finals will be held at La Rosaleda next October 14, 2023.

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