Warning: Spoilers for the last episode of the One Piece anime

In addition to the success of the manga and the exciting return of the manga, One Piece has ended a fight that has lasted more than a year and that has caused a huge stir in the anime industry: the confrontation between Luffy and Kaidoone of the most powerful characters in the entire history of Eiichiro Oda’s work.

this duel has made history in animejust as happened at the time with Frieza’s fight against Goku or the mythical Naruto against Sasuke, but there is something in this fight between Luffy and Kaido that none of the fights seen so far has been able to overcome: the number of episodes.

Since its beginning in chapter 1015this fight has been non-stop between both sides and, although we have seen the fights of the other crew members of the Straw Hat gang in the middle, Luffy and Kaido’s duel has not concluded until this week with the chapter 1076, or what is the same, 62 episodes spread over 1 year, 4 months and 23 days.

This completely surpasses the longest confrontation seen so far in an anime, which was also Luffy’s, but against Katakuri, the enemy that caused the Straw Hat the most trouble before the arrival of the immortal leader of the Beast Pirates. We don’t know if we will see a duel of this magnitude again, but one thing is clear: Luffy has made history again in the industry with a transformation that we will all remember forever.

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