The Pokémon Company International is one of the most important entertainment companies in the world and its businesses go far beyond its popular video games. With one of the most important Collectible Card Games in the world, many audiovisual projects such as TV series and movies, as well as a huge amount of official merchandise inspired by its popular characters, we are facing one of the true giants of entertainment.

There were rumors that TPCi was planning open offices in Mexico City after images of the space that were apparently published by one of the employees circulated. We now have more publications suggesting that The company has begun its operations in Mexican lands.

Pokémon opens its offices in CDMX

During last weekend, Alan Mandujano, Head of Latin America for Pokémon GO within Niantic Labs, published on his social networks that the Pokémon Company invited him to the inauguration of the TPCi offices in CDMX, attaching some images of what this space looks like. A large sculpture of Pikachu and many other motifs alluding to the charismatic franchise could not be missing.

Pokemon Company 1

Source: Alan Mandujano in X / @AlanMB

Pokemon Company 3

Source: Alan Mandujano in X / @AlanMB

Pokemon Company 2

Source: Alan Mandujano in X / @AlanMB

Pokemon Company 4

Source: Alan Mandujano in X / @AlanMB

“This week I attended the inauguration of the TPCi offices in CDMX! A thousand thanks to the Pokémon team for the invitation. Truly a historic moment that speaks of the importance that LATAM has for the franchise. “It is the beginning of very good things for the region”

Works at The Pokémon Company International in Mexico

It is too early to know all the implications that the opening of the Japanese company’s offices in Mexico City will have for Latin America. For now, we already know one of the vacancies that the company has for people who reside in CDMX and the Metropolitan Area.

If you have 2 to 4 years of professional experience in the marking area and can communicate perfectly in Spanish and English, this vacancy could be for you. TPCi is looking for a professional for the position of a vacancy that was published a week ago on Linkedin and that already has more than 750 applications.

These are the functions of the position being sought:

  • Execute the Trade Marketing Plan in accordance with sales and marketing objectives, and manage merchandising agencies to maximize product sales in Mexico.
  • Work with Sales Managers to improve brand presence and campaign execution in the field of commerce through planning, execution and monitoring in stores of excellence, aligned with annual sales priorities.
  • Work directly with clients and Sales Managers to create account-specific activations and execution schedules.
  • Regularly visit points of sale to ensure branding is visible and guidelines are respected.
  • Create point-of-sale reports, including pricing, inventory availability, and competitor activities and pricing.
  • Contribute to the formation of the department’s annual budget and the Annual Plan. Contribute to the development of sales support materials (presentations, sales sheets, giveaways, etc.).

What is requested of applicants is the following:

  • A truly customer-centric mindset.
  • Speaking and writing skills in Spanish and English at a near native level are required.
  • Proven listening skills necessary to elicit and internalize customer feedback, needs, and motivations.
  • Advanced communication skills; clearly and concisely communicate complex topics and technologies.
  • be able to synthesize complex ideas into concise and meaningful information for clients.
  • Have outstanding skills in prioritization and project management, paying attention to details and constant follow-up.
  • A bachelor’s degree in a related field is preferred.
  • Two (2) to four (4) years of related professional experience.

We will be waiting for any information related to it of the opening of these offices.

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