There are films that speak for themselves and that may seem too complicated for the general public, but that end up triumphing because they are a unique commitment. That’s what you might think of Inception when Christopher Nolan decided to make a story based on trips to dreams, parallel realities and levels of consciousness. However, this one was not only a success, but it also had the ability to leave viewers talking about its ending for years. And no, don’t worry, you won’t find it as such here, but we do invite you to read Nolan’s explanation of that last scene that marked us so much.

Now we can see it again through HBO Max and, perhaps, you would like to give it another look keeping the director’s words in mind. It is not in vain one of the most interesting science fiction films of recent decades.

How long is Origin?

Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, what we find is a dreamlike and surreal story in which science fiction and fantasy They mix in a unique way. He commissions Dom Cobb, who works as an “extractor.” And what does this mean? He is in charge of entering people’s dreams to try to obtain useful information, whether for companies or other clients.

He is the best at his job, of course, although he is not alone and his story has other members starring actors such as Elliot Page, Cillian Murphy, (whom we can also see in Nolan’s film, Oppenheimer) or Marion Cotillard. Whether as teammates or as the representation of their terrible nightmares, all of them make their characters something unique.


The state of the human mind

Origin has several stages, literally. The most obvious thing is to talk about the different sleep levels those that go down until they almost reach the subconscious and allow the viewer to see a physical representation of it, but I’m not talking about that. What I mean by pointing out this point is that in Origin we also find different approaches. First of all, we would have the entire scientific explanation about extractors and how their work works. Nolan takes time to contextualize this fact, since it will be a fundamental piece of the film.

On the other hand, we find Dom’s own state, who is still a person disturbed by the loss of his wife, father of a family and renowned professional. Making all aspects compatible is one of the dramas that we can witness as spectators and that will give rise to many complications. Finally, we find the team’s own mission when it comes to entering the minds of the different subjects and seeing how they organize themselves to do so.


Different readings of the same story

Many readings can be made of Inception, you already know that it is something that I like to do in this type of works such as Matrix or Evangelion. However, reflecting for a while on the interpretations of the film, I realized that in his message Nolan decides to be quite direct. I think it is quite understandable that here they are exposed Two issues: the functioning of the human mind and the debate about what reality is.

The first is easy to understand, since the mind is presented as a conglomerate of floors that overlap and that increasingly fall into the dreamlike and subjective as we move away from the state of consciousness. But, in the last point, in reality, is when a beautiful spider web begins to be woven. Those experiences inside the mind are also real, right? Could we say that this is our reality? This reflection is very clear in the last scene of the film when we see the top moving. In fact, if we stop to think that the ending of the film is decided based on our interpretation, a nice connection is formed with the story.

Of course, Inception is a movie for see more than once. It has a large amount of details, as well as spectacular settings that are worth admiring, searching for, and finding secrets. Therefore, having it available through HBO Max is undoubtedly great news. Surely new interpretations and different readings of this will end up emerging.

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