These are the fantastic first notes of Lies of P, available on Game Pass


These are the fantastic first notes of Lies of P, available on Game Pass

The soulslike set in the Pinocchio universe is almost here and arrives with force, convincing and in what way the specialized critics

The subscription service Xbox Game Pass is experiencing one of its sweetest moments after the release of Starfield. The arrival of a game of the magnitude of the one Bethesda has created is quite an achievement for Microsoft, but the monumental work of the North American company is not the only one that will accompany us this September on Game Pass. Lies of P It is another of the great awaited ones.

In that sense, now we tell you how the fantastic first notes of Lies of Pwhich wants to become the best soulslike of the year taking advantage of the fact that From Software has focused on another field in 2023. With a dark aesthetic and set in the Pinocchio universe, remember that Lies of P will come to Xbox Game Pass at no additional cost next week, specifically September 18.

This is how the first notes of Lies of P are

Below you can see some of the marks that have been awarded to Lies of P by the main international media:

  • God is a Geek – 100
  • We are Xbox – 96
  • Game Informer – 95
  • Xbox Era – 95
  • Comicbook – 90
  • Screen Rant – 90
  • But why tho? – 85
  • DualShockers – 85
  • GamePro – 83
  • SamaGame – 80
  • Gamespot – 80
  • GamesRadar+ – 80
  • Pure Xbox – 80
  • IGN – 80
  • GameRant – 80
  • Hey Poor Player – 80
  • The Loadout – 80
  • Push Square – 80
  • PC Gamer – 74
  • Digital Trends – 70
  • PCGamesN – 70
  • PC Invasion – 70
  • Gamereactor – 70

At the time of writing, Lies of P has a average grade of 84 in Metacritic with 11 reviews contemplated (in its PlayStation 5 version, the one that has the most analysis right now). The best reviews highlight its Challenging gameplay and great settingwhile the less positive ones believe that it is not up to par with the games that serve as inspiration.

Remember that Lies of P will arrive next Monday, September 18, to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and other platforms and that it will also do it day one on Game Pass, so if you are a subscriber to the service you will not have to pay a single cent to try its proposal and check if it is for you or not.

Competition to be the soulslike of the year

As we mentioned, From Software launched this year Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon, the return of his legendary saga of meccas, but before the success of the Souls. That is why Lies of P disputes the unofficial title of being the soulslike of 2023. Its main competitor is Lords of the Fallenwhich will be the reboot of a beloved license (one of the first that tried to implement Miyazaki’s formula) and will land next October.

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