Some time ago we found out that IO Interactiva would pause the following projects for the saga to focus on the new James Bond game. However, this will not be an impediment to playing previous installments, since Amazon Mexico has discounted the game for PlayStation 4 and there is an absurd price of 179 pesos.

This game of action and stealth genre was released in 2018 and will embody you once again in the character of the Agent 47 while you discover its much deeper story narrative than its predecessor and that, in addition, it embarks you to carry out different objectives and missions with a difficulty threshold that will take you to the limit.

Of course, we have to mention that this is its historical minimum price within the platform, and in addition, it practically doubles the price of its version for Xbox One, which also has a fairly considerable discount. Likewise, you can play it on your PlayStation 5 console thanks to the backwards compatibility that it possesses.

Of course, we have to point out that those who have Amazon Prime will have free shippingand if this were not enough, the delivery will arrive at your home the next day depending on your delivery point.

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