Those responsible for Disney themselves did not give much credit when it premiered in the United States in August, as The Hollywood Reporter reported: “the response of consumers around the world to the first 11 episodes of ‘Moving‘ has exceeded our expectations,” said Carol Choi, executive vice president of original content strategy at Disney. The reasons that the executive highlighted: “its captivating plot, its first-class cast and its incredible post-production effects, all united to offer exceptional storytelling.” You can check it out on Disney+.

In ‘Moving’, which adapts Kang Full’s webcomic, we are told the story of a group of South Korean spies who They protect their superpowered children from different agencies governments that recruited them previously for possessing similar powers. Among these powers are flight, healing, heightened senses… when a strange murderer appears who chooses these unusual beings as victims, the peaceful covers of the spies are blown up.

Disney+ has finished releasing, this week, the episodes that complete the first season, and in them it is easy to detect the reason for its success (it has also become the most viewed production on the platform in the Asia-Pacific area , above other titles like ‘The Mandalorian’): the mix of drama, comedy and action that Koreans are so good at and the heavy investment in special effects (7,000 retouched shots, almost 50 million euros budget) .

The result is a spectacular product that reaffirms the popularity of Korean products all over the world (and, of course, mostly in their own area, where they don’t have any kind of rival… and Disney thinks it’s great, given the audience figures that come from there). Although the numbers are not comparable, Disney+ could have found its own ‘The Squid Game’: the audiences are not as resounding, but as proof that there is interest in Korean productions, ‘Moving’ has taken off perfectly.

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