We are just a few days away from enjoying the game again thanks to the DLC that Capcom prepared; will put us in the shoes of the spy Ada Wong as she seeks to achieve her goal in the same setting that we visited with Leon, but exploring different locations while we delight in a renewed story and gameplay compared to the original DLC from years ago.

Separate Ways 2.0

In case you don’t know, it already existed a long time ago: the original version of gave us this same additional contentand the premise was exactly the same, as it gave us the opportunity to explore Ada’s mission during the events of the game, thus tying up loose ends left by the main story.

This time, however, he told us his story with some key changes that we simply couldn’t ignore, and Capcom went the extra mile by appropriately changing not only this aspect, but improving Ada’s gameplay that we can fully enjoy both in this DLC and in the mode.

Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways: a story we know, and at the same time we don’t

Having finished Leon’s adventure, it was more than clear what Ada came to do in Spain; working as an employee of Albert Wesker, Ada joined forces with Luis Sera to take over the Las Plagas exhibition, which we will know how. It may seem that Ada is using Luis for her own benefit, but the Spaniard hides a personal reason why he is getting involved in this complicated mission.

However, the changes that Capcom managed in the de will be strongly reflected in , and as a consequence, We will visit places not previously explored in the original game. This transition of scenarios was achieved without many difficulties thanks to Ada’s arsenal, which allows her to move with greater agility than Leon: she has a hook with which she can move freely, and we will also see this change in him.

Resident Evil 4 Ada Separate Ways 1

Albert Wesker will be a main character in the DLC

New Ada gameplay in Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways

It wasn’t necessary for Capcom to do it, but the company did too greatly modified Ada’s gameplay in this reissue of , although those familiar with the main game will have no difficulty controlling the girl.

Ada is more agile than Leon, so she will take advantage of his lack of strength with fast attacks that will leave enemies off guard. Also, her specialty hiding in the shadows will shine in stealth attacks just like we did with Leon, but if your style is more chaotic and in-your-face, you can boost yourself with the to get rid of the infected with style and fierceness.

Resident Evil 4 Ada Separate Ways 2

You can use the same Leon techniques with Ada, plus some exclusive ones for her

When is the Separate Ways DLC coming to Resident Evil 4?

will be available in the of next September 21, and remember that along with this content the free update to mode will also arrive, which will add Ada and Wesker to the cast of controllable characters in this fun additional mode that you unlock after finishing the main story. Needless to say, you’d better finish before you start, or you’ll spoil the surprise that Capcom has been working on for several years.

The rumors are over: Ada Wong will star in the new Resident Evil 4 Remake DLC

I liked the Resident Evil 4 DLC so much that it is clear to me that it is worth paying for it. Separate Ways Analysis

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