This is the best app I have used to listen to music on Android: it is ideal for Hi-Fi fans


This is the best app I have used to listen to music on Android: it is ideal for Hi-Fi fans

When we look for the highest possible audio quality When listening to music, many opt for a streaming service that offers not only a complete catalog, but also lossless audio quality, Lossless. This usually leads us to have one or two streaming services, in addition to our own music library, and the idea is make the most of the quality of these fileswhether from a computer or, especially, from a mobile phone.

To listen to music in high resolution from your mobile, music lovers Hi-Fi audio They typically use two things: an external DAC (also known as a “USB DAC dongle”) and a pair of good wired headphones. But the application we use is also important, the player, and one of them is USB Audio PRO. This app has become my app to listen to music because unify catalogs of the streaming services that we use along with our own music library, and also solve android problem and the audio.

If you’re looking for Hi-Fi audio on Android, there’s a (small) problem

This is the best app I have used to listen to music on Android: it is ideal for Hi-Fi fans - 1

From left to right: The first two albums are in my local library, in DSD format. The latest song is playing from Tidal. All in the same app.

The Android operating system, by default and by design, “resamples” the audio files it plays, that is, the operating system’s sound mixing tool. modifies the sample rate of the files. This means that, although the file has great quality, playback is not “Bit perfect”, something that many audiophiles find important when listening to their music library.

USB Audio PRO bypasses this Android limitation, and can play files up to 32bit/768kHz natively. Playback, through this app, can be “Bit perfect” or with Bit perfection, offering the highest audio quality and respecting the source. It can be, because it is optional (if you activate Bit Perfection it is not possible to use the equalizer, for example). It is part of the versatility that this application offers.

This is the best app I have used to listen to music on Android: it is ideal for Hi-Fi fans - 3

Among the options offered by USB Audio PRO, it includes a 10 band equalizer, the possibility of modifying the audio balance between the left and right channels, and best of all, absolute compatibility with external DACs via USB. In my case, I have tested the app for a long time with several DAC dongles, and it has always worked perfectly.

The app has support all high resolution files most used: FLAC, WAV, DSD, AIFF, WV and, of course, MP3. And to use any of the options it offers, it does not require Root or make any type of modification to the device. It’s as simple as installing it and starting to use it.

Streaming and your music library in one place

This is the best app I have used to listen to music on Android: it is ideal for Hi-Fi fans - 5

From the application it is possible to access services such as Tidal and Qobuz, if you are subscribed, in addition to the music library stored on your mobile and DLNA servers. It’s quite convenient to be able to jump from one catalog to another without having to access another app, even with access to the artists and albums that you have marked as favorites in any of these services.

The app is not free, but given what it offers me as an audiophile and audio enthusiast high fidelity audioI feel like it was worth buying. However, that is a decision that each person will have to make.

The app also has two optional in-app purchase options:

  • The possibility of using a parametric equalizer called Toneboosters EQ, in addition to being able to “simulate” the sound signature of a series of well-known speakers and headphones
  • The ability to decode and make the most of files MQA

Personally, I have only paid for the first one, since I have fallen into the temptation of trying to simulate an Audeze LCD-X or a Focal Clear using my IEMs type headphones, something that works better than I expected, although it is clearly far from being perfect. The second option, for me, not worth it.

This is the best app I have used to listen to music on Android: it is ideal for Hi-Fi fans - 7

USB Audio PRO is an excellent application for Hi-Fi audio enthusiasts, highly recommended, especially if you get it on sale. Having a variety of high-resolution files on my phone, including DSD and FLAC albums, as well as being a subscriber to Tidal and Qobuz, has become the app I use by default when listening to music From the phone. However, I know that it is not a free app, and we could even consider it a little expensive, so everyone will have to decide if it is worth buying it or not.

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