The Unity case is what has been talked about the most these days, but in reality it seemed that both the small video game developers and the thousands of fans who demonstrated on social networks had won by making the tool for creating games HE retract of their collection policies… but they seem to be inevitable.

According to (a Canadian media dedicated to economic and financial news), Unity managers They would not be thinking of abandoning the idea of ​​charging developers “extra” for using your engine, leaving the policies that will come into effect in 2024 as follows:

  • Unity will keep 4% of profits of games that win more than a million dollars.
  • In addition, the installation count will no longer be retroactive, since now Unity It will depend on the reports you receive from the developers to calculate the amount you should charge.

Unity will continue charging small developers

The previous points mean that There will no longer be a charge per installed unitthat the barrier of 200 thousand dollars in revenue and 200 thousand downloads has expanded considerably and that there will no longer be tracking software in every game made with Unity.

Amoung Us Polemica Unity

Amoung Us was one of the most famous indie games to raise its voice

On the other hand, the same medium points out that these changes to the policies have not been made official because the executives still want to review them again, in order to not replicating the harmful repercussions in social networks what they had last week. Most likely, during the week Unity will issue a statement with the new policies.

Everything indicates that for Unity these collection policies are very necessary, because if these changes are made, the company would make all of us understand that we are part of the world of which She didn’t care at all that all kinds of criticism had been made against her.. In any case, how would the developers take these changes? Do you think they are fairer? We read you in the comments.

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