Microsoft faces the future from a position that has little to do with the one it had just a year ago. The company responsible for Xbox has invested billions in the purchase of studies to have a catalog of exclusive titles that would give it a much more competitive position with respect to PlayStation. However, he did so at the worst time in history. It was not for reasons they could control, but the results of so much investment were delayed first by a global pandemic and then by war. Things got to such a point that in May 2022 Phil Spencer referred to the company’s situation as “disastrous.” Of course, the president also did a lot of self-criticism about.

Phil Spencer asked for big changes from Microsoft last year

“With the news that Starfield will miss the Christmas campaign (2021), the lack of clarity regarding Redfall and the development of STALKER 2 impacted by the war in Ukraine; I think we have a giant hole in our catalog for both marketing and differentiation to add content to Game Pass,” explained Phil Spencer in an email leaked by the FTC in the context of the court battle over the purchase of Activision Blizzard. The director of Xbox was truly worried, seeing how things were not working out and there was “a gap in almost 16 months between big releases exclusive” for your platform.

“We are in a disastrous situation considering everything we have invested in content (…) We need to learn from this and build a plan from now on,” explained Spencer. What the president intended was to carry out a more realistic planning: “In terms of learning, I think we need to be much better at planning our catalog and doing it with honesty about dates“. “In terms of quality and pace, we set the bar very high in 2021, which was incredible. However, reaching a year (2022) without major exclusive releases is a planning failure in our catalog that we cannot afford,” stated the head of Xbox.

Starfield Delay

The delay of Starfield left the year 2022 ‘dry’ in terms of Xbox exclusives.

In addition to proposing greater internal honesty when determining release dates, Phil Spencer also opted for a release calendar more focused on the arrival of projects at a good pace than in large isolated effects. “If we need to delay releases (understanding that there is an economic impact in doing so) to allow for a more regular pace, we need to do so. We have to understand that the situation we are in now is a failure in our planning and execution of productions” , closed the aforementioned email.

Has Xbox taken note of its situation last year? It looks like it is. In the coming months we will be able to jump from one exclusive (we include temporary exclusives) to another. Starfield will take us to Forza Motorsport and from there we should move on to a STALKER 2 dated for the first quarter of 2024. Next year there are also other scheduled releases for which we do not know the dates, such as Avowed or Hellblade 2. Also, Phil Spencer has promised more exclusives not yet announced to complete the year.

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