In recent years we have been witnessing numerous scams related to our mobile phones. One of the most common and that even the Police warn about is returning missed calls to mobile phones in Nigeria, Ghana or Albania. Although if there is a common one lately it is the one in which Scammers impersonate telephone companies and that they even claim to be supported by the OCU, something that the organization flatly denies.

That is why we believe it is convenient to know what exactly this double call scam consists of and to what extent it is similar to other scams with telephone calls impersonating operators? In this post we tell you how is your and the most effective way to avoid being a victim.

One of the many scams classified as ‘Vishing’


There are many terms that have recently been created to describe mobile phone scams. It is the one used as a general rule to qualify those in which scammers impersonate an identity. And then we find subcategories such as for SMS scams or precisely for rate phone call scams.

Thus, the concept of Vishing can be related to any scam in which scammers attempt to take personal data or money from victims through one or several phone calls. And, as a general rule, usurping another person, company or public entity in these calls.

The ‘Vishing’ of telephone operators, one of the most recurrent


As we already mentioned at the beginning, telephone operators are often used to try deceive the user into believing that their rates are going to increase. Far from actually being the companies that carry out these actions, they are also victims, since they are usurping their identity.

Actually, they usurp the identity of two telephone operators. The second of them may not even exist and pretend to be a new company backed by the OCU.

To do this, the scammers call the victim posing as their telephone company and alerting you of an alleged price increase in your rate which occasionally is an increase of 15 to 20 euros per month. Obviously, this generates a feeling of anger in the victim.

Taking advantage of the victim’s sensitivity and after only a few minutes from the first call, the scammers call the victim again. In that second call they pretend to be another operator and they offer you much cheaper conditions compared to what your current rate would be after the increase.

Obviously, neither the operator is going to raise the victim’s current rate, nor is that other operator real. Sometimes they even claim to be a new operator supported by the OCU to gain reliability. The end of everything is obtain banking and/or payment details of the victim in order to steal your money. Since it is in a certain way consensual, it does not require them to insert malware or anything similar into the mobile. But obviously, it is a completely illegal deception technique and it is recommended to report it.

Avoiding these scams is easier than you think

Whether you are more or less agile in detecting this type of scam, there are a series of tips with which to detect them quickly and avoid being scammed. In the case of telephone companies, we start with the premise that your operator will never call you to raise the price, since they use other communication channels for these notices, for example, leaving it in writing on the last invoice prior to the increase. Although there is more:

  • Be the one who asks your supposed operator for data. That is, when your operator supposedly calls you, you change roles and you are the one who asks for your complete information for security reasons. If it really is them, they have access to your data and will be able to verify it.
  • Never give your details on the call without making sure it is a real call. In line with the above, there is no need for you to offer your data if your operator or any company of which you are a customer calls you.
  • Don’t offer other personal details either. related to the price you are currently paying for telephone or any other service.
  • Tell them that “operators never call to raise the price”as we mentioned previously.

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