Wandering Sword is a very particular RPG. Aesthetically, it is identical to Octopath Traveler with the same combination of pixelated figures, high-quality lighting and three-dimensionality in its settings. But unlike Octopath Traveler, Wandering Sword forgoes the usual JRPG tropes to focus on those of period Chinese martial arts movies. The result is pretty cool.

The game is a rollercoaster of revenge, betrayal, murder and Qi exploration. It is an immense drama with a frenetic war in the background in which something is always happening. I loved the narrative rhythm. It is not as slow as Octopath Traveler, it does not have that theatrical touch that makes the heroes spend hours looking at the moon exploring their dreams, This is going full blast.

Our protagonist is dedicated to transporting tourists in a caravan, but is attacked by bandits. They poison his friends to death and leave him with one foot on the verge of death. But he is saved by a teacher who teaches him how to use his Qi, and he is also attacked by some bandits, and they kidnap his daughter and…! If you have seen this type of movies you already know what I mean. It’s non-stop emotions.

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The pace at which its story flows will hook you until the end

The main character could be better written, but all the people we meet on our travels make up for it. Wandering Sword is full of secondary missions that are intertwined with the main one. Many are nonsense, but there are several very interesting ones in which the lives of the anonymous people we meet unfold. You can tell that this game learned a lot from Octopath Traveler, and not just because of the graphics. In the Acquire and Square Enix game, the protagonists can interact in many ways with the inhabitants of the towns. Depending on each person’s ability, they can steal from them, discover their secrets…

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In Wandering Sword, we can observe almost each neighbor and see their strength, attack or resistance stats. If we like what we see, we can challenge them to a fight and give them gifts. If we increase our affinity with them, join our group. This idea, combined with the encounter of many interesting subplots, is the best thing about Wandering Sword. It is clear that it is a game that wants to talk about its society, and put the focus on the anonymous inhabitant.

The cities are full of people, and when we go out to the world map we also see people moving from one place to another. This life accentuates the tempo of your narrative and makes playing Wandering Sword a pleasure. You always feel like discovering a new city, trying to recruit someone new to your group, and having an anonymous drunk tell you a new melodramatic story that you weren’t expecting.

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You will love recruiting new members for your gang

I have to admit that I like how Suikoden II does this much better. It’s all very transactional here, really. If I give you gifts that you like and I beat you in a fight, you join me. Rarely does what happens in Konami’s JRPG happen, that your unexpected allies join you because of a subplot. Still a lot of fun though.. Of course, in addition to this, we will be joined by other friends who share interests with us.

Its robust visuals, the speed of its story and how it lets us recruit our troops, is what I liked most about the game. On the downside is its combat, its interface and its subtitles only in English and not very well translated. The fights aren’t bad, but I haven’t completely fallen in love with them. They look like the ones on Live A Live. We jump into the battle arena and the monsters are distributed by grids. You have to move through them and use a martial arts technique when you play.

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This system has become very cumbersome and slow for me. The game has a mode to play these fights in real time, so that there are never pauses in the fights and everything goes faster. However, every time I use it I get wiped out. It’s not that the combat system is bad, not at all. It’s fun, it works and it lets you perform combos and test synergies between fighters. But what happens outside of it has seemed so fresh and interesting to me, that it bothered me that the battles are so conventional.

Its interface is also quite bad.. He doesn’t know how to explain himself well, and it will take you a long time to understand what each object, armor, or the correct use of your techniques is for. And it is important that you make an effort to understand them. It also doesn’t help that the game doesn’t come in Spanish, especially because the customization of our warrior is extensive. There is a deep economy in the form of experience points to invest in arts, techniques or pressure points to strengthen ourselves.

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A very fun martial arts dream

Wandering Sword is a very interesting and dynamic RPG. His narration has a lot of energy, and the encounters that seem to happen by chance when we travel through the cities are great. Honestly, although it is a more humble production than Octopath Traveler, I think there are many things he does better than him, And that is a lot to say. I may not have loved the combat, nor its interface, but I did love its story of wars and martial arts.

knows how to surprise


Wandering Sword analysis

Wandering Sword

By: Adrián Suárez


Wandering Sword is a refreshing RPG. Although it has problems in its combat or interface, it makes up for it with a narrative full of vigor and fun clichés typical of Chinese martial arts movies. I have enjoyed it a lot. Its difficulty curve sometimes does strange things, but I find it impossible not to recommend it. It is a beautiful title that will surprise you.

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5 things you should know:

  • You can recruit almost anyone you meet.

  • The pace of the narrative is much more agile than in any other JRPG.

  • Its cities and its world have many secrets to discover.

  • The combat needs a bit more polish.

  • Its artistic section is beautiful.

Players: 1

Language: Texts in English

Duration: 30-40 hours

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Wandering Sword
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