We haven’t known anything particularly relevant about Silent Hill 2 Remake for a long time, even though it is one of the most anticipated releases by fans of the genre. It is clear that, for now, Bloober Team and Konami They do not have anything to say about the project they are working on, but a new track on Steam has caused all eyes to focus on the next Tokyo Game Show. We are talking about a tiny detail, but curious enough for fans of the Silent Hill saga to cling tightly.

On the occasion of the imminent celebration of the Tokyo Game Show 2023, Steam has updated some tokens by adding a banner related to the Japanese event, since it is an event that allows for offers, reservations and more. However, the community has noticed that the Silent Hill 2 Remake page also shows this image although there is no confirmation that Konami has James Sunderland’s adventure included among its content to be shown. For this reason, and taking into account that we have little information about the game, there are those who think that those responsible are preparing for a presentation.

Now, we must take this theory with a grain of salt. Steam may have updated the Silent Hill 2 Remake listing because it is one of the many Konami games. Therefore, we have no choice but to wait for the Tokyo Game Show 2023, which will take place from September 21 to 24to clear up doubts regarding this mystery.

Silent Hill 2 Steam

Silent Hill 2 Remake file on Steam.

Silent Hill 2 Remake could be available in early 2024

There are many enigmas surrounding the development of Bloober Team, but fans are analyzing all the known details of the project to bring something to light. In fact, James Sunderland’s voice actor in Silent Hill 2 Remake was asked about the release date of the title, and he answered the following: “I think early next year“. Although the information is not official and is not even exact, the community is already waiting for Konami to confirm the information with a general statement.

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