On many occasions when we are browsing the Google Play Store we find applications that are very worthwhile, and precisely in this post we are going to tell you about one of these cases. And it is that, for all of you who like meteorology and have the best information about the weather availablethe Weawow application is truly wonderful.

In this case, this app has a score of 4.9 stars after almost 600,000 reviews and five million downloads on Google Playso you can imagine that we are in front of an incredible tool given all the information it offers and, in addition, it is completely free.

Exquisite aesthetics and detailed information

As we tell you, this application called Weawow can be downloaded completely free from the Google Play Store, and with it we will be able to enjoy lots of information related to meteorologya, from a simple hourly or daily weather forecast in our area, to an interactive precipitation map.


And it’s not just the amount of information it shows, but it’s also how it does it. In fact, you can already see in the images that the entire interface is designed with an aesthetic of very large elements that are easy to interpret by any user, and even The precipitation map moves so that we can know what the movement of the rain is. that are occurring at every moment.

Weawow 1

Furthermore, as if this were not enough, we are also given the possibility of being able to place a widget in the notification bar to be informed at all times about the weather in our area. Of course, this will use our mobile’s positioning system to collect information, but everything it shows us is really precise.

Therefore, seeing the design that this tool has and that it also has absolutely no intrusive advertising in its interface, It is not surprising that its score is so high in the Play Store. We’ll see how he continues to improve from here on out, but currently he already has a level that is a complete marvel.

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