Whether you are a customer of the company or a recurring YouTube user, it is very likely that you know what it offers NordVPN. This provider has made a name for itself on the Internet promoting its personal virtual private network services, and it turns out that its parent company, Nord Security, is preparing to implement some changes when it comes to pricing: a offer campaign followed by a slight alteration in the option of NordPass Personalthe password manager.


If you have recently discovered this service or have decided to subscribe recently, you will be happy to know that the Nord Security team has started an offer campaign that presents 2 years of NordVPN with a 68% discountwhich is completed with 3 extra months Gift. It must be clarified, however, that the promotion will not be maintained indefinitely; those responsible will maintain the reduction until next October 18.

As a reminder, it is worth mentioning that NordVPN presents itself as a provider capable of offering services such as protection against threats or monitoring the status of your accounts, sending alerts if it observes an irregularity that could be synonymous with a hacker attack. In addition, there are those who take advantage of these functionalities to access content blocked in Spain regardless of the user’s real location.

NordPass Personal pricing changes

If you are a user of NordPass Personal, the password manager also created by Nord Security, you will probably be interested to know that those responsible for the service have started today with price changes. They are not very different figures from what we were used to, but they are summarized this way: the 1-year plan now has a cost of $2.39/monthwhile the 2-year-old is located in the $1.79/month.

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