In the middle of last year, Rockstar launched a subscription called GTA+ that focused primarily on Grand Theft Auto Online players. In exchange for about six dollars a month, the developer offers advantages to users who pay for the service, which include different content for the video game or an amount of ‘in-game’ currency. Was a measure discussed by the community because the rewards were considered unsatisfactory. Without completely convincing the community, it has taken steps forward over time and is now about to make one of the most interesting additions for its users. In an attempt to increase the quality of service, it will add the remastered trilogy of the “Definitive Edition” Without aditional costs.

Rockstar gives a boost to its subscription service

The truth is that this is an interesting addition that will allow some players to enjoy GTA The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition. This collection includes the remastered versions of Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City and San Andreas. It was tremendously criticized at the time due to technical problems and an unsatisfactory graphical facelift. However, although we should not expect a resurrection in the style of No Man’s Sky or Cyberpunk 2077, has received improvements since its release. In this sense, the addition is interesting in the sense that it allows the players most involved with the saga who already contribute money monthly to enjoy them at no additional cost.

It should be noted that the GTA+ service It is only available for next generation consoles. Although it was shocking when it was announced, Rockstar has not included it on PC or in the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One versions. In this sense, only users of the most modern machines from Sony or Microsoft can take advantage of this promotion. It is also worth noting that, although the benefits obtained in Grand Theft Auto Online during the duration of the membership remain in our account permanently, access to the games will be restricted to the months in which we pay for the premium service.

It is expected that the company will promote this service over the next few years, extending it to other platforms and increasing the interest of players. Although we still don’t know when it will arrive, it is clear that GTA 6 will be released in the medium term. Rockstar has a big challenge ahead with the management of the online and, above all, the goal will be set for it to be at least as successful as Grand Theft Auto 5. We are talking about big words, since the latest installment of the saga is one of the video games that has most entered from all history.

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