Although the first news of the NVIDIA console reached us more than a year ago, sometimes things in the palace (or hardware) go slowly, especially if we need to also secure streaming content and subscription games. But everything comes sooner or later, and We already have the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV console available in Spaina team that promises to give us content in Ultra HD 4K and all the possibilities of the Android system.

The console comes with several launch offers, specifically we can get the console plus a remote control and a three-month subscription to the Android TV app, or also including the NVIDIA Stand. But let’s take a closer look at what it offers us.

SHIELD and the reproduction of multimedia content

SHIELD offers many more possibilities than other streaming devices on the market and has a user interface on an Android operating system, one of its great assets being the possibility of offering 4K Ultra HD video at 60 frames per second.

SHIELD promises to simplify the consumption of multimedia content with a single device: television series, movies, music, video games and applications. So we can consume series and movies of Netflix, or content from YoutubeKodi, Plex, Twitch, Mubi, Daily Motion, etc.

If we also want to enjoy content that we have on an Android or iOS portable device, SHIELD includes the function of Chromecast and Google Voice integratedso we can quickly locate content through the latter and enjoy without waiting on our television.

The SHIELD console software is done through Over-the-Air updates, counting on the Android version 6.0 (Marshmallow) and that it offers a personalized home screen, improvements in storage options, a much faster voice recognition system, etc.

GeForce NOW, the Netflix of video games

And since man lives not only on streaming content, we also have the function GeForce NOW, an on-demand streaming game system in the cloud, directly on your television and that allows us to play subscription games if we have a suitable internet connection.

We can consider GeForce NOW as the Netflix of video games. Paying the monthly fee, we have a good library of games developed for PC ready to play in streaming from the console. The list, which currently has more than 100 titles, includes games like the Batman or Lego video game saga.

Thus, thanks to the GeForce NOW function, users can connect with NVIDIA’s computer system in the cloud, located in Central and Northern Europe and play at 1080p resolution at 60 images per second. The boot time of the games is only 30 seconds.

GeForce NOW is free for the first three months on SHIELD devices.

Prices and availability

SHIELD Android TV launches with the following introductory offers:

  • NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV (16GB) + NVIDIA Remote + 3-month subscription to the WRC Android TV app: €199
  • NVIDIA SHIELD PRO Android TV (500GB) + NVIDIA Remote + NVIDIA Stand + 3-month subscription to the WRC Android TV app: €299.9
  • GeForce NOW is free for the first three months on SHIELD devices, and will be priced at just €9.99 per month.

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